Thief Of The Year

You could say he made the effort – but then again I am pretty sure it was the wrong kind of effort. Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

Burger King To Serve Black Burgers In Japan

Japanese Burger Kings will be serving up Kuro Burgers (which means “black burgers”) to customers this September. As you probably can image the burgers are totally black. The buns, cheese, wrappers and even trays are all black. The buns are darkened... Read More →

What a horrible way to find out…

Imagine receiving one of them… at first you will be like… wtf… and then you will probably faint or worse! Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

The Future Is Here: Meet The “Jetpack”

The Jetpack has been designed by Jason Kerestes at Arizona State University, and is called the 4MM, which stands for 4 Minute Mile. It is basically a wearable jetpack which propels a person forward with small turbines worn on their back. So far tests show, as ... Read More →
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