That Face When….

I think I would have exactly the same facial expression if I had seen the saggy boobs of that woman. As they say… a picture says more than a thousand words! How true that is in this case… have another and closer look at that lad’s face! … e... Read More →

Video: Is This The Worst Epic Fall Of All Time?

Well shit…. that was pretty scary and must have been very painful too! On the bright side she did land in the water! Positivity… you can find it everywhere Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014... Read More →

A Random Subway In Russia

So my mate Chris is traveling through Russia, for some odd reason, when he suddenly comes across this! What do you think? Legit or a cheap knock off? You decide! Image Source: Screenshot/Christhelebanese/cook/2014... Read More →

Suicidal Kid Jumps Off A 22m Building Into Pool

Over the last few months I have seen a wide range of mental videos, but this one tops them all. Without any hesitation this guy jumps off a 22m building into a 5ft deep pool and lives to tell the tale. Apparently he did all this just for fun! I have to admit i... Read More →
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