Sunday, December 21, 2014

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One of the latest virals – I am sure this guy did not expect such a day when he woke up. Nevertheless he is famous now – in one way or another ;) Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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This is a pretty spectacular video – This beautiful Silverback seems to get angry with visitors at a Zoo in Berlin. The grumpy ape made this clear by swiftly lobbing a small rock at a guest in the Zoo. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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Meanwhile in Australia: This Kick-boxer delivers one of the most spectacular knockout kicks ever – the opponent drops unconscious onto the floor. If you are squeamish then you better not watch the video. If you aren’t watch it and see how Jonathan Tuhu drops his opponent like a sack of bricks. Image Source Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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The Norwegian Navy has tested one of their new missiles on an old warship – The KNM Trondheim, a 300ft long decommissioned frigate.

The new ship-killing missile can deliver a 275-pound high explosive warhead from more than 100 miles away. The missile is called the “Naval Strike Missile’ and is a four-meter long and weighs 880lb.

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A katana fight between two ABB robots during an exhibition – once they get better they will role the world! Well if they learn how to walk. Image Source: Screenshot/2014/Youtube

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Apparently this footage shows how Russian Mobsters hassle a young woman and try to drag her into a VIP cabinet. That very moment her husband returns from the restroom and an argument starts. He then tries to solve the conflict peacefully. However, he gets attacked by the mobsters and then he fights back. Watch the video – it’s a good one. Image Source: Screenshot/2014/Youtube