Thursday, October 20, 2016

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BMW unveiled a new concept bike named the “Motorrad Vision Next 100” in California. The bike is supposed to offer a glimpse of what the motorcycles might look like in the future. It will have self-balancing wheels, so that a kickstand is only needed when the motorcycle is shut down. The concept bike will also feature an “electronic safety cage” that communicates with other vehicles and road sensors to help it automatically avoid crashes.

As a result, motorcycle riders will have no need of helmets or padded clothing. The motorcycle will be powered by an electric motor and feature a frame that can bend as the bike is steered, eliminating the need for joints. For more information watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/BMW/2016

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We all know one person that always takes it too far. Diving enthusiast 8Booth is one of them. With nerves of steel he launches himself from a very tall buildings into a swimming pool. He films the whole journey and it went viral. No matter what, he has balls of steel and he is also very lucky because he didn’t kill himself. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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Customers at an Apple Store in France were left open-mouthed when a man strolled in and went on what can only be described as an iPhone-smashing rampage. Dressed in jeans and a hoodie the man used a steel ball to wreak havoc on thousands of pounds worth of Apple gadgets. After noticing that he was filmed, the man turns to the camera and begins to shout in French: “Apple is a company that violated European consumers’ rights. They refused to reimburse me, I told them ‘Give me my money back’. They said no. So you know what’s happening? This is happening!”

A security guard then approached the individual and walked the man out of the store! A Police investigation is now underway. Although I am not a fan of Apple, it hurts to see him smash those phones! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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As a kid I used to dream of owning a RC plane. 30 years later I still do not have one. Nevertheless they still fascinate me. In this video you will see a 1:2 scale model of a Saab JAS 39 Gripen that recently flew at a model airshow in Germany. Sadly this beautiful bird broke up in mid-air, causing a spectacular crash at 1:49. Moments after the breakup you can see the plane’s builder’s absolutely devastated by sudden carnage. I don’t even want to know how much the plane cost and how much time it took to be built! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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You always hear about the people who accidentally kill themselves while jumping off a cliff. This is one of these cases. If you watch this video, you will be amazed, how this guy survived this poorly planned jump. You can hear him screaming as he thinks he won’t make it. I do not know how he survived this, but his guardian angel must have worked over time. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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If you watch the video below you will notice something unusual, the water out of the bottle floats upwards. Can you see it? There is an explanation for this unusual phenomenon. The structure of the Hoover Dam creates an upward draft that makes water flow upwards, seemly defying gravity. Instead of travelling downwards, as it usually would, it is carried upwards by the wind. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016