Monday, March 30, 2015

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We all have heard of the wild parties during the “Spring Break” in the USA. Everything and everyone seems to freak out and lose control. This video takes it to the next level, however, – in a very bad way. An unknown student from the Florida State University has been filmed biting the head off a live hamster!

The crowd around him began to cheer and laugh as the drunken student smiled. The student was probably off his head and didn’t even think. Can anyone sink any lower? Poor animal, the animal rights group PETA has launched a manhunt to track down the individual. If anyone knows the poor sod, let us know.

Image Source: Screenshot/PETA/2015

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The dog in the video is called Fritz and what makes him so awesome is that he doesn’t know how to catch food! I think this is the only dog I have ever seen, who does not know how to catch anything – yet alone food.

His owner is trying desperately to teach Fritz, how to catch food but he seems to miss all the shots. Watch the video and see everything in slow motion. Fritz misses everything ranging from doughnuts to tacos. Just brilliant! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Whenever a bully launches his attack against a usually much smaller and weaker opponent, you wish for such a scene. A bully at the Great Bend High School, in the US, should have thought twice before bullying this unnamed individual. In the clip the bullied kid, slowly takes off his hoodie and extra pair of shorts before launching a brutal counter attack.

First he places a punch square in the face of the opponent and then tackles the bully before throwing him on the floor. Once on the floor the bully gets another punch right in the face. That should teach the dude a lesson.

We are not sure what led to the fight but it seems the taller dude talked some trash. Image Source: Screenshot/2015

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In this prank some young kid tries to convince people to free him from a police car!In itself a pretty risky idea, the majority of people ignore the call for help and walk by.

It seems that the guy in the car got lucky when a thug, who wasn’t scared of the Police, passed by. He first asked why the minor was arrested and after seeing that it was something minor, he freed the boy. Run Forrest run… I have to give it to the lad, he has some guts and his heart seems to be in the right spot too!

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An Irish thief knocked himself stone-cold out while trying to break into a car. The wannabe car thief was caught on CCTV throwing a brick at a car window. For some reason the car’s window withstood the impact and the brick bounced off straight into the thief’s face.

As you can imagine he knocked himself straight out. I would have thought that the brick would go right through the window – after all it was a brick! What kind of windows are those? The unconscious thief was found by a pub owner and eventually picked up by the police.

Just imagine them seeing the CCTV footage – must have been hilarious! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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This is just a normal camel having a laugh with its homeboys. Not sure where this video was taken, but this could have been in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia etc. That camel seems to be happy though. Have you ever seen such a happy camel? Such a laugh and smile! Image Sources: Screenshot/Youtube/2015