Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru built the world’s first true hoverboard. According to Duru the propeller-powered board can be used over any surface, although he usually tests it over the water, due to security reasons.

Duru earned himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records after gliding 275.9m (905ft 2in), or the length of two football fields, across the surface of Lake Ouareau in Quebec. Watch the video below, and let us know your thoughts. Is this the future? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015


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I am not familiar with bears, but the sight of such a massive creature must make your blood freeze. There are many ways, of which most are lies, of how to react when you run into a bear. Some say you need to lie down and curl up into a helpless little ball of nothing or just run as fast as you can. This man, in Sweden, did something totally different.

He successfully scared off a charging bear by shouting at it and spreading his arms, to appear much bigger. I have never seen anything alike. Nevertheless, it probably saved the couple’s life. This video footage was captured by the man’s wife. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015.

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A video has gone viral in which a local Starbuck manager seems to go crazy and starts yelling at a customer. The whole scene has happened in Queens New York and according to the YouTube description things got weird after a customer ordered a Frappucino and a cookie straw.

A customer named Chen tried to pay with the Starbucks app on her phone and did not hear the employee ask for her name to put on the cup. Which, if you are a frequent user of Starbucks you will know this, is a common procedure.

Things are currently not too clear, but it seems this is what set it all off and where the location manager started to yell. Chen reported the incident to Starbucks’ corporate headquarters who then allegedly fired the location manager. What do you think did they react correctly or did they overreact? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015.

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When I was a kid I had to pull out my loose tooth all by myself. Nowadays, it seems animals can do this too. Watch how this badass parrot pulls out this boy’s loose tooth. I wonder how the parrot knew what tooth to pull. Is the tooth so lose that it looks different to the others? Watch the video and you will be amazed. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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If you are scared of heights then look away now. This is just insane. Some crazy guy decided to run across a building ledge, jumping from pillar to pillar. It looks like no safety equipment was used and while watching it the only thing you will feel is fear.

I think I nearly peed myself watching it and every time I watch it again I have to make sure I won’t pass out. You could call this guy suicidal or crazy or both. The video only lasts 15 seconds, but those 15 seconds have it in it. Watch at your own risk. You will be stunned and amazed at the same time. Image Source:Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Those who have cats can relate. Cats are so different to dogs and far stranger. I remember coming home after being gone for several months and my dog went crazy, for days.
He nearly fainted he was sooo happy. He jumped around for ages and couldn’t believe it.

My cat walked by looked at me and kept walking – that was it. No “hey” or “how are you”, literally nothing. Then they behave weird at times and just do illogical things. Just like in the video below. Watch it and you can totally relate if you ever owned or own a cat. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015