Friday, December 2, 2022

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23-year-old Erik Cavanaugh, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is defying traditional body stereotypes with his fierce contemporary dance routines. The male dancer is a “bigger” sized, male ballerina. Eric fell in love with dance when he was in high school. His efforts and enthusiasm are beginning to pay off. Cavanaugh has now more than 8,000 followers on his Instagram and even caught the attention of actor Ashton Kutcher. The male ballerina works at a pizza shop “to pay the bills,” but he also teaches dance classes to kids, ages 6 to 17. Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2017

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Christmas is here and this means one thing: giving and receiving presents. One thing I hate about presents is wrapping them up. I am really bad at wrapping presents up and it usually takes a fair bit of time too. I just stumbled across this video and it really shows a quick and much easier way to wrap your Christmas presents. I haven’t tried it myself but it looks alright and manageable. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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The AirSelfie quadcopter fits in the palm of your hand and slides into a custom phone case for storage and charging. The drone can be controlled with one hand via the app and can fly up to 20 meters high. When you’re ready to snap a photo or video, it will hover autonomously — whether indoor or out. Three flight modes allow you to pilot the AirSelfie with varying degrees of control.

The integrated camera that shoots five-megapixel stills or HD video. The only limitation I see is the fact that it can only fly for 3 minutes and that it needs a 30 minute recharge cycle. Nevertheless I believe it will be a success. Image Source: Screenshot/AirSelfie/2016


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Facebook user Jason Womal uploaded a video of a giant spider dragging a mouse up his fridge. You can relax – the video originates from Australia, which is home to already 94 known species of Huntsman spiders. Huntsman spiders are not considered dangerous to people, although large ones can inflict painful bites. Watch the video below, if you dare 🙂 Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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BMW unveiled a new concept bike named the “Motorrad Vision Next 100” in California. The bike is supposed to offer a glimpse of what the motorcycles might look like in the future. It will have self-balancing wheels, so that a kickstand is only needed when the motorcycle is shut down. The concept bike will also feature an “electronic safety cage” that communicates with other vehicles and road sensors to help it automatically avoid crashes.

As a result, motorcycle riders will have no need of helmets or padded clothing. The motorcycle will be powered by an electric motor and feature a frame that can bend as the bike is steered, eliminating the need for joints. For more information watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/BMW/2016

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We all know one person that always takes it too far. Diving enthusiast 8Booth is one of them. With nerves of steel he launches himself from a very tall buildings into a swimming pool. He films the whole journey and it went viral. No matter what, he has balls of steel and he is also very lucky because he didn’t kill himself. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016