Thursday, May 5, 2016

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If you are a man and you read the headline you will already know the answer. If you are a woman you will automatically say no and claim it is the look and the personality of a man that make him attractive and not material things. Watch the video below and you will be able to make up your own mind. Like bees around a honeypot – that is all I can say! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016


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This mysterious sea creature has fishermen baffled after they spotted it floating off the coast of China, near Zhoushan City. The unknown creature appeared to have two bulging teeth and a large, long snout. The video below shows the grey creature with smooth, glossy skin, and its captors describing it as being “dolphin-like”.

It had reportedly already died when it was spotted, but the Chinese wildlife magazine Bo Wu, claims the animal was most likely a member of the beaked whale (Ziphiidae) family. However, this specific animal in the sea near Zhoushan City did not have a fin so it is still not known what species it is. Image Source: Screenshot/CEN/2016.


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There seems to be something very mesmerizing about watching massive hippos eat and crush entire melons. This process is an attraction in this Japanese Zoo, as the keeper even announces the feeding to the crowd. Watch the video below and watch how the hippos smash through an entire melon in one bite. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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Who doesn’t like dessert? I am sure it will be difficult to find anyone who doesn’t like a dessert? In America everything is bigger, even the desserts! Throw in Las Vegas and you will get one of the biggest desserts ever made, the treasure chest. The treasure chest dessert is made up of 12 scoops of ice cream, three pieces of cake, fried Oreos and Snickers as well as loads of cream, berries and fruit. It costs $99 USD and the dessert is usually for 4 people and upwards. It must be an explosion of different sweet tastes, once you try it. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016.


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If you have ever used silly putty you will remember one thing above all – that it was very difficult to get it off your fingers! Now imagine having such an amount of clear silly putty that you could bathe in it?! Crazy idea or what? American online retailer Vat19 has been making goofy videos promoting their products for a while now. To promote their clear putty range they made one of their spokespeople slowly descend into 500 lbs of the semi-solid substance… without a plan for how to get out. It gets pretty weird, pretty quickly! Would you try it? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016


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Who hasn’t been waiting for a realistic and real life hoverboard? Ever since I have seen the movie, Back to the future 2, I have always thought how cool it would be to have a hoverboard. I then thought maybe in the near or distant future we will have the technology to finally develop one. It seems that this day is finally here.

Franky Zapata, founder of Zapata Racing, has released a video showing him using a jet engine powered hoverbaord called the Flyboard. In theory he could reach 10,000 feet with the Flyboard, and stay in the air for around 10 minutes.
In the video he soars as high as 30 meters (98 ft) above the ground, handling and controlling the system of the Flyboard via a control stick. You can also see to what appears to be a backpack fuel tank. To be honest this looks more like the machine that the Green Goblin had. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016.