Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Have you ever tried to use a Rubik Cube? I have. I am still wondering how to use such a thing. Collin Burns completed the entire puzzle in 5.25 seconds! That is the new world record.

While attending Rubik’s Cube competition at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Burns broke the world record for fastest time restoring a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube, solving it in just 5.25 seconds.

The previous record, which was 5.55 seconds, was held by Dutch Mats Valk from the Netherlands. Watch the video below and I’m sure your jaw will drop to the floor! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Everybody knows this moment when you hear your favourite song and want to sing along. You just know the song so well in your mind and you sing it and it sounds just like the original. You are amazed how good you are and you already see yourself singing on stage. This is where most people realise that it was all just a dream. For a split second you are actually embarrassed. You giggle because you imagine what would have happened if you had actually opened your mouth and sang.

It would have been embarrassing on a major level. You get the chills running down your spine. Well this guy in the video, went a step further and actually opened his mouth. We all feel you bro, but no you can’t sing. Image Source: Screenshot/YOutube/2014

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If you are scared of spiders then you should not watch this! It will haunt you for years to come. This Australian spotted one gigantic Wolf Spider in his kitchen on the floor. As you do when you find such a spider in your house you would want to kill it. That is exactly what he does by smashing it with a broom.

What happens next is straight out of a horror movie! As soon as the spider was squashed hundreds of mini-spiders were released and they all tried to escape. Female wolf spiders lay their eggs and then wrap them in silk to create a sac. They then carry the egg sacs on their spinnerets until they hatch. After they hatch, the spider babies attach themselves to their mother’s back. OMG how about no! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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This video has just surfaced and instantly caused a viral sensation. Who has ever seen such a massive leech? Not to mention that some disturbed human attached this thing to his arm. Blood-letting via leeches has been a common medical procedure for centuries. I am no doctor but I can safely say that this guy has taken this way too far. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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If you should ever visit Australia make sure you check your car door handle before you use it. I cannot imagine anything more shocking than this. It would blow the socks off everyone I know. Imagine going shopping with your wife and you just arrive back to your car and you want to open your car door and then this!! I guess this would make any man scream like a little girl. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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I cannot think of something scarier than being trapped on a worker platform, hundreds of meters above the ground. Not only is this what happened to two window cleaners in China, but in addition a gust of wind kept pushing their platform around. This dramatic incident occurred 91 floors above the ground at the Shanghai’s World Financial Centre! Both workers walked away with only minor injuries, and an experience they will likely never forget.

I am sure that I would have crapped my pants several times and let out the highest pitched scream ever recorded. Watch the video below and be prepared to be shaken to the bone. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015