Startup Stories -The Student Network

Unii is a social ecosystem and portfolio of products made exclusively for students in UK Higher Education. The Unii community is now 165,000-strong representing 10 per cent of the UK student community, second in size only to the NUS for its verified student da... Read More →

Redbeard Brew Bars – The Start Up Story

“In September, 2013, we left steady jobs, moved back to our hometown, and decided to do our own thing. We’re making every effort to live the simple, uncomplicated good life. And we’re grateful every single day that we’re hanging out as ... Read More →

Universe: A win win for on-budget studying

What is Universe? The exclusive online marketplace for students. Simple….Sell your uni books and make money. Buy your books and save money. Gone are the days when a book’s price tag is a reason enough to ditch the revision, as is the feeling of pos... Read More →

The Talent Cupboard

What is Talent Cupboard? Talent Cupboard is a new website where students & graduates can create a kick-ass digital CV to improve their chances of landing their dream job. It’s optimised to contain everything that an employer wants to see & with a ste... Read More →

The Beer Bong Start-Up Story

We wish we had a really dramatic and moving start-up story that read like the opening scene of a box office smash-hit, or a captivating chapter in a timeless History book, but sadly that is not quite the case. Beerbong UK’s birth came about because of one la... Read More →

Shpock. The “Shop in your pocket” app is about to launch in the UK

Since the initial launch in September 2012 Shpock – the boot sale app for beautiful things (available for iOS & Android) is among the top lifestyle apps in the app stores in Germany and Austria. Now Shpock officially launches in the UK with the goal t... Read More →

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