Startup Stories

The Beer Bong Start-Up Story

We wish we had a really dramatic and moving start-up story that read like the opening scene of a box office smash-hit, or a captivating chapter in a timeless History book, but sadly that is not quite the case. Beerbong UK’s birth came about because of one la... Read More →

Shpock. The “Shop in your pocket” app is about to launch in the UK

Since the initial launch in September 2012 Shpock – the boot sale app for beautiful things (available for iOS & Android) is among the top lifestyle apps in the app stores in Germany and Austria. Now Shpock officially launches in the UK with the goal t... Read More →

The 3D Virtual Store: A New Generation Of Online Shopping

The Spirit of Arabia story starts in London as far back as 1990. Founder Arshed Mohammed, from Glasgow, was working as a Project Executive with Reuters at the time while studying through the Open University to obtain a degree. “I used to travel every day... Read More →

The Clever Travel Companion

We at the Clever Travel Companion love to travel! We have been to many parts of the world, backpacking, going by train, bus, car and even on foot. We have been to Asia, riding the Tran Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing, driving through Mexico and across th... Read More →

The Spinchill Story

Ty Parker and Trevor Abbott began the Spin Chill adventure during the summer of 2013 in Gainesville, FL. Apart of The HackerHouse accelerator program, we traveled to Atlanta, GA for the AngelHack hackathon. Neither of us, both coming from Mechanical Engineerin... Read More →

29-Year-Old Makes Millions From Deciphering Song Lyrics

Have you ever been obsessed with a new song and you have been singing it all day, but don’t know the exact lyrics ? Worry not, there is a site for that, too.  Ilan Zechory, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based start-up Rap Genius, is making a killing by ... Read More →

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