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Younilife.com is a first in social-media connecting for eager undergraduate students. Created in 2006 by Bath Spa University MA Branding and Design graduate Hagen Christoph, Younilife encompasses several grading criteria to ensure prospective students get the best overall University picture before they attend an institution. Unlike traditional university ranking methods based on self-promoting qualities and merit, at Younilife, the students deliver the message based off their own university experience.

The implications for direct access of information for potential students, by the current students, are staggering. Hagen Christoph explains; “I wanted to get independent advice on Universities to help prospective students.” Gone are the ‘bells and whistles’ approach on open days that institutions typically promote to garner their increasing student bodies. With a simple log online, any prospective UK student can access university information provided by students attending the academic institution. Hagen Christoph continues; “I felt students should be given a chance to share their views about their University of choice, and the information you get here is unique – you won’t find it anywhere else.”

But there’s more to Younilife than service as a Uni-Watch. Several applications make a current student’s life easier, such as Students News, Videos and much more. If you have any questions please contact us through the contact section.