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Rate Your University

Each University will be rated against the 10 points below. Write as much or as little as you like. Do remember, the more you write the more info you will provide to new and upcoming students. Your feedback will provide valuable insight into the “Younilife” you had at that specific university. Each rating is unique and allows a firsthand insight into your life as a student. If your experience was good or bad, let us know. What would you have done differently? What did you like? How could things be changed or improved? This is your chance to rate your university.

Accessibility & Location

How well is the university accessible? Cost of travel etc. Where is your university located? Attractiveness of location?


What is your room like? Is the price justified?


What sport/IT/library facilities are available and what is their status and quality?

Student Union

What is the SU like, do they support you effectively?


Do the students feel safe? How easy is it for non-students to access the campus?


What is the nightlife like in and around the university?

Canteen & Shops

What is the food quality and choice in the canteen? Range of shops available? How would you rate their service and range of products?

Student-Tutor Ratio

How many students are there in relation to tutors? Are the lectures and seminars overcrowded?

Town & Gown

How well does the town or city in which the university is located relate to the students? are there appropriate students discounts?


What is your overall impression you have gained during your time at university?

Rate your university