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Meet the team

me-hot-and-spicyCreator and Founder of Younilife.com

Hi I am Hagen Christoph and the founder of younilife.com. The idea for younilife was born during my second year and the wish to say what I think of my University. It was finally realised during my Masters in Design for Brand Development at Bath Spa University. I hope you all find younilife useful and that it provides valuable first hand information to all you students out there. If you wish to contact me, for whatever reason, please use the contact section or my personal email : Hagen@younilife.com


Editor for Younilife.com

Hi thurrrr, my name is Phoebe Russell and i’m an aspiring editor, journalist, fashion designer, millionaire, etc. I’m currently studying Politics at the University of Bath but like nothing more than to write my thoughts and opinions, keep up on latest trends and work out. I am currently a student editor on the younilife website, promoting and wholeheartedly supporting the start up site. it’s gonna be big! Get in touch either by contacting me on my own blog https://phoebesrussell.jux.com or via phoebe.russell@live.co.uk


 Ed Morrison – Social Media Manager

Hi, I am Ed the newest edition to the Younilife team! I study Media Communications at Bath Spa Uni and I will be handling the social media posts and all the gorilla marketing tactics! Watch out!