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Baby Squirrel Gets A Red Cast After Falling From Nest

This little baby squirrel fell out of a nest and tumbled about 75ft onto a concrete sidewalk, where it suffered a broken ankle, a chipped tooth and a bloody nose. Luckily, the little squirrel was found by a passerby and quickly taken to a vet. Here it was quic... Read More →

Guy Taking Selfie Gets Kicked In The Face

This fella was trying to take a “selfie” in front of an oncoming train! As you can see in the video below, it wasn’t such a good idea. Jared Michael, who goes by that very same username on YouTube wrote, “I tried to take a selfie while a train ... Read More →

In Case Of Love At First Sight

This looks pretty cool – just beautiful. Usually it would say “in case of a fire break glass”, but this version is even cooler. Image Source: Screenshot/whoevertheartistis... Read More →

Worst US Airways Tweet In History Goes Viral

Corporations all over the world embrace social media as a way to get the attention of their customers in an ever-more crowded digital space. As you can imagine those hastily tweeted promotions also can create problems for a brand. This is exactly what happened... Read More →

First Weed-dispensing Vending Machine Released in Colorado

If you are into smoking weed, you should relocate to Colorado. Never before in the USA, has a machine been released and aimed at the recreational marijuana user. It enables its user to purchase marijuana directly, rather than over the counter. According to its... Read More →

Cement Truck Runs A Red Light And Tips Over

If you ever thought you were lucky, think again. This guy in the video must have had a ton of luck that very day. This view of the truck flying towards you is like something straight out of a nightmare! Amazingly, everyone involved in the crash escaped any ser... Read More →

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