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Canadian Finds Dead Mouse In McDonald’s Coffee

Ron Morais was on his way to work when he decided to pick up a coffee from McDonald’s. A decision he will regret. Nothing seemed wrong with the coffee, he insisted it even tasted great, so great that he took off the lid to get the last sip of coffee! Wha... Read More →

Giant Inflatable Tree in Paris Looks Like A Butt Plug

France, Paris: A giant inflatable sculpture was erected in Place Vendôme – supposedly a Christmas tree. As you can imagine this fine “tree” has been making waves for locals and tourists alike. A piece of art, designed by Paul McCarthy, rough... Read More →

Who will challenge for the Premier League Title in 2014/2015?

The English Premier League continues to grow as one of the greatest domestic leagues in Europe, with many of the best players in world football plying their trade for the most prestigious clubs. A wonderful 2013/2014 season was climatic and packed with drama f... Read More →

Grandma’s Dying Wish Is To See The Ocean One Last Time

Laguna Beach, California: Before checking her mother into the hospital to live out her final days, one woman decided to grant her one last wish. A Reddit user posted this image of her and her mother after she had allowed her to see the ocean one last time. Tha... Read More →

Breast Advert Causes Hundreds Of Accidents In Moscow

An advertising campaign showing a woman’s breasts has caused several hundred traffic accidents in Moscow. The advert had been placed on a huge billboard and on the side of 30 trucks. It showed a woman’s breasts only covered by her hands and a slogan ac... Read More →

Crazy Base Jumper Crashes Hotel Pool Party In Kuala Lumpur

I always knew base jumpers were kind of crazy, to risk so much for a few seconds of joy. Base jumper John Van Horne jumped off the famous 1,099 feet (335 meters) Tower in Kuala Lumpur, directly into a pool. Not only that but while diving into the pool Van Horn... Read More →

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