Sunday, April 19, 2015
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This is Alyssa from the University Of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. She is currently studying at the UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing and hoping to become a nurse. She is only 22-years-old and currently becoming famous due to her outstanding appearance. Watch out Jen Shelter, Alyssa is coming and there is no stopping her. She already has 11.2k followers on her Instagram account and I am sure that number will rise steadily in the near future. Click here to follow her. Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2015

Alyssa Harmes 5

Alyssa Harmes 2

alyssa_harmes 3

Alyssa Harmes 4

That’s her on the right on a night out!

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This is the story of an elderly gentleman who walks with his pet turtle through the streets of Tokyo. As you can imagine walking a giant turtle can take some time, maybe even a long time. The smooth-headed gentleman takes his enormous African spurred tortoise out for walks around the town on a daily basis. Sometimes he even dresses up his slow friend.

Although the animal is native to the southern Sahara desert it seems to be comfortable in the concrete jungle of Tokyo as well. The odd couple have been spotted multiple times out for a walk in Tsukishima, Downtown Tokyo. Since then the story of the turtle-walking gentleman has gone viral. What do you guys think? Image Source: Screenshot/Rocketnews/2015



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Students at the Japan School of Wool Art created this giant and ultra realistic needle felted wool cat head. It is intended to be worn as a mask. If you are one of these crazy cat friends you need to chill and read on. There are currently no plans to manufacture the mask for sale. A shame? I am sure this would actually sell like crazy.

The weird cat head will be on exhibit between April 18-23 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. For more info click here. Image Source: Screenshot/Housetu Sato/2015



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This video has just surfaced and instantly caused a viral sensation. Who has ever seen such a massive leech? Not to mention that some disturbed human attached this thing to his arm. Blood-letting via leeches has been a common medical procedure for centuries. I am no doctor but I can safely say that this guy has taken this way too far. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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This video emerged only recently and instantly caused an outcry on a worldwide scale.The school play starts rather normal with a Winnie the Pooh figure appearing on stage. A little bit later a whole bunch of school girls appear wearing miniskirts and suddenly the performance turns into an all out twerk-feast.

Many will think how this could tie in with a children’s story? To be honest I have no idea. The play was part of a final coursework in January at a school of dance, which specializes in “modern dance”, in the city of Orenburg, Russia!

Usually not a single soul would have given any fucks, but then the video was uploaded to Youtube and then shit hit the fan. A criminal investigation has now been launched and the city of Orenburg has called an emergency meeting of the region’s culture officials and government authorities!

The parents want to know how the entire show came to be produced in the first place! Whoever did this should hide, for a long time. Ever visited the Amazon?


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Emma Quirk from New South Wales in Australia moved to Canada 4 years ago. During a usual night out in Prince Albert she got drunk in a local bar. Not only was she drunk but she also left her jacket behind and told her friends she would only go for a cigarette. Due to her high alcohol consumption she passed out in the snow during freezing winter temperatures.

She was found several hours later at 5:45 am in – 30 degrees Celsius and brought to the local hospital. The results of her late night nap in the snow were horrific. Quirk’s fingers swelled into massive puss-filled orange blisters, which were eventually treated by a specialist leading to instant relief.

She even uploaded pictures of the horrible state of her fingers after her late night blackout on Imgur. The young Australian was very lucky as this could have turned ugly pretty quickly for her and could have resulted in the loss of her fingers or even hands. Image Source: Screenshot/Imgur/Thebassistsmuse

Emma Quirk 2

Emma Quirk Blue mountains