Monday, August 3, 2015
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25-year-old Jirka Väätäinen, from Finnland, has recreated Disney characters as real life people by drawing the characters with Photoshop and thereby making them seem alive. The graphic artist who is based in Melbourne, Australia, has taken the internet by storm with real life interpretations of famous Disney characters.

Väätäinen, who studied graphic design at Arts University Bournemouth in the U.K., believes greater realism in the images has helped Disney fans get “excited about these characters all over again.” His work has since been featured in all major news outlets in the world. He sure is famous now and I believe we will hear more about him soon. Image Source: Screenshots/Disney/




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Have you ever been so gangsta, that you would wrestle an invisible opponent? This Japanese guy was so gangsta! I am not sure what the full story is behind this wrestle match, other than a Japanese guy wrestling an “invisible” opponent. I watched the video and it confused me. The only thing I realised is that the Japanese have a weird sense of humor. If you are Japanese and you read this, just watch the video and let us know what it is all about. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Although the Breaking Bad series has finished and we still wonder if Walter White made it, his spirit lives on in Turkey. A brand new Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop has opened in Istanbul, to the delight of the die-hard Breaking Bad fans. As you can imagine this is no ordinary coffee shop. The baristas dress like Walt and Jesse, in hazmat suits, and there are beaker-drinks plus periodic-table decor to spare. Just imagine the hit series in a way in which Walt and Jesse had decided to brew coffee instead of blue meth.

That is the world of the “BB” coffee shop which was set up by owner Deniz Kosan who took no half measures when setting it up. The unusual coffee shop even serves a hefty breakfast plate including pancakes with Heisenberg’s face sprinkled on them with powdered sugar. So if you are in Istanbul, the “BB” coffee shop is a must. Be sure that they take their coffee seriously, Turkish coffee is considered part of the country’s “intangible cultural heritage” confirmed by UNESCO. Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/Walterscoffee

This Breaking Bad coffee shop

This Breaking Bad coffee shop


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For 27 years Mark Gubin has scared the hell out of aircraft passengers arriving at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee. Gubin’s building is right in the flight path of Mitchell International Airport. As a joke, in 1978, he painted a sign in 6 feet tall letters on top of his flat rooftop, welcoming new arrivals to Cleveland.

Over the years, Gubin has touched up the letters in whatever paint he had available, while always being thrilled at the thought of passengers looking out the aircraft windows during their final descent to Milwaukee. Image: Screenshot/Michael Sears/2015

If you have seen the movie “The Ring” from Gore Verbinski, you will know of the creepy little girl from the movie. Not that I like the movie, but that creepy little girl, called Samara, plays a major role in the horror movie. She was played by the then 12-year-old actress Daveigh Chase, who has now grown into a full blown beauty. Chase herself, was born on July 24, 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been acting from a young age on and even is a talented singer. If you would like to know more about her, click here. Below we have collected some images, showing how she looks today. Images: Screenshots/2015


Daveigh Chase

daveigh chase-the-ring