Monday, March 2, 2015
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As if skydiving isn’t scary enough already, things got pretty hairy for this Aussie. During a skydive the Australian man had a near-death experience after suffering a seizure while at 9000ft! Lucky for him his colleague and jumpmaster quickly noticed that something was wrong and came to the rescue, opening the parachute for the unconscious man.

The Australian was attending an Accelerated Free Fall programme when the accident happened and he spent about 30 seconds unconscious during the freefall.
Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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The world’s rarest Action Man costume could become the most expensive action toy in British history and fetch £20,000 at auction. Why? Because nobody believed it ever existed until a 87-year-old collector, a former toy rep, gave it up for sale.

The costume is so unusual that it is thought to be one of the only ones ever made. Some feared it had been forever lost. The unnamed collector is set to make a staggering £100,000 when his ultra-rare collection of Action Man uniforms goes under the hammer later this year.


The action will be held in Thornaby, North Yorkshire but a date has not yet been set. All costumes will be sold without the beloved 12-inch figures and the price is related to the mint conditions in which the uniforms are sold.
Prices like that are nothing unusual, a Star Wars collector recently paid £18,000 at auction for a rare figurine which went on sale 35 years ago for just £1.50.

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I am sure many of you have seen the “Walking Dead” series or other famous zombie movies? In case this stuff happens for real you will need to survive and take care of yourself. The American company, Taurus International Manufacturing Inc., has come up with the First 24, a 12” by 9” waterproof and dust-tight kit.

It includes a revolver, flashlight, emergency signals, fire starter, compass, 550 Para cord, batteries, and a battery caddy. If you want one you will need to flash out a whopping $1,499. The “First 24” will allegedly keep you alive and safe for the first 24 hours of an apocalypse-style scenario! So day two you should run into some big trouble.


Researcher from Cornell University Alexander Alemi, believes that in case of a Zombie outbreak cities would fall quickly, but it would take weeks for zombies to penetrate into less densely populated areas.
So if you are a country pumpkin you should be safe? Image Source: Taurus/Screenshot/2015

This sounds just like a story straight out of Hollywood, but it did in fact happen in real life. Maria Petrou, 21, from Coventry, suffered years of abuse because of her “geeky” looks and passion for studying.

Called “Ugly Betty”, the main character from the American television series, by many of her colleagues at school Maria now launched a career as a catwalk model! Now if that ain’t payback! Currently in her third year at university studying fine art, Maria is now in line to be crowned Miss Coventry in a beauty contest next month.

Let’s hope she will make it! Go for gold! Image Source: Screenshot/2015


Maria Petrou - 1



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This is just a normal camel having a laugh with its homeboys. Not sure where this video was taken, but this could have been in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia etc. That camel seems to be happy though. Have you ever seen such a happy camel? Such a laugh and smile! Image Sources: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Food scientists at The Robin Collective (UK marketing agency) in collaboration with KFC have created the edible coffee cup. The cup is made out of biscuit and has been wrapped in sugar paper. In addition, the sugar paper is lined with a layer of white chocolate.

KFC even went further and infused the cups with mood improving aromas,” like ‘coconut sun cream,’ ‘freshly cut grass’ and ‘wild flowers,’ which “evoke positive memories which customers associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays.”

Let’s hope they haven’t used any chemicals for those aromas. The “Scoff-ee Cups” will only be available in a limited number of UK stores, as the experimental packaging drink is still in the developmental phase. Image Source: Screenshot/KFC/2015