Sunday, February 14, 2016
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A man from Vancouver posted a photo with a story on Facebook that has warmed hearts worldwide and gone viral. A man had been acting erratically on the Tube in Vancouver and scared passengers through his behaviour.

The man had been shouting and screaming at commuters when a elderly woman reached out and grabbed his hand. He then calmed down, and sat silently with tears in his eyes. The image has since gone viral and more than 29k people have shared it on Facebook. Image Source: Screenshot/Facebook/Ehab Taha/2016


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This is what they do with monkeys that steal in India. Monkeys in India often trash gardens, offices, residential rooftops and even attack people viciously for food. This wild macaque had been causing a nuisance for more than six months, including stealing food and tearing up pillows that were on sale in one of the colony’s shops.

It had been caught just moments ago by a professional monkey catcher in India’s commercial capital Mumbai. He will soon be put into a cage and later released in the countryside. Image Source: Screenshot/AFP/2016.

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There is nothing more frightening than being in an amusement park ride and having something go wrong. This is exactly what happened at the Luna Park in Cap d’Agde, France in 2015. A cable snapped on the slingshot injuring a 24-year-old woman who had to be brought to the hospital with a broken leg. The ride has been closed and an investigation has been launched. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016.

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When you start your internship, especially on the first day, the last thing you want to do is fall asleep while working. It is usually the time when you want to impress people and show what you are worth. Unfortunately this unlucky Intern fell asleep right on his first day on the job.

Thankfully, his new colleagues also saw the funny side, deciding to take a team photo with the sleeping intern at the centre. His picture has since gone viral and many responded with photoshopped versions of the original picture. Image Source: Screenshot/Reddit/2016

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An artist based in Brooklyn who goes by the name Katsu used own fecal matter to create a portrait of Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg. The so called “pooptrait” is a part of KATSU’s first solo exhibition titled “Remember the Future.”
I am pretty sure if he would just have painted a normal picture no one would have cared. Not sure what Mark Z would say? Does he even know? Image Source: Screenshot/THE HOLE NYC/2016

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The tanuki or raccoon dog, is a Japanese dog species that many mistake for a raccoon or a badger. This little fella was found abandoned by a young Japanese lad who took him in and raised him. Although they are a dog species, the raccoon dog doesn’t bark. They usually make similar noises to foxes like a long whine and growl. During the winter months they spend most of their time in hibernation. This raccoon dog even has his own Twitter account. Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2015