Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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If you are a Vegan or a Vegetarian don’t read any further. A woman in China bought a slab of beef only to find out that the beef was still pulsating one hour after it was bought. The woman from the Shandong province was about to cut the beef when she noticed the disturbing movements.

The 20-second clip shows the entire slab of beef twitching as it sits on the work surface. The video has since gone viral receiving more than 11 million clicks on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

The Chinese animal health department claims that the spasms were caused by nerve endings that had not died yet. I have to admit I have never seen anything alike and I do not think that it is a hoax. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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You have probably seen many covers of famous pop songs in your lifetime, good and bad ones. Some were even very good and came close to the original. Those were the ones you remembered. Yet, your memories will be shattered with this spectacular performance.

One lone superstar struck gold when covering Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing”. The video has since gone viral, impressing people from all over the world. I am not sure where this has taken place but my guess would be somewhere in Brazil?

If you think you have seen it all, think again and watch the video below. Be prepared to get you mind blown away. What a talent! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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This lady made a Youtube video in which she demonstrated various kinds of healthy foods to her viewers. By accident she eats a pepper, thinking it is a cherry. It also seems to be a different kind of pepper, one that is crazy hot a habanero pepper. She quickly notices the error, but her reactions are just priceless. This must be one of the funniest videos of 2015. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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After a heavy night out drinking, one lad woke up with a massive bike lock around his neck. If this wasn’t bad enough, he had no keys and no idea where they were. It seems his mates had pulled a prank on him while he was sleeping. He ended up having to go to the local fire station in the West Midlands.

According to the West Midlands Fire Service’s Facebook page, the lock was so strong they had to call a specialist Technical Rescue Unit who used kit they normally cut railway tracks with! I am sure he won’t forget this adventure for a long while. Image Source: Facebook/Midelands Fire Service/2015.

Coventry Fire Station

lock-neck-coventry-fire  jpg

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We all get drunk from time to time and end up doing stupid things, which we usually regret the next morning. I remember those days at university when you were too ashamed to get out of bed because you had done something stupid the night before.

Usually you said something to someone you shouldn’t have – nothing too bad. Overall, it was never as bad as what happened on this party. Someone came up with the bright idea to cut a sausage with a samurai sword, while some dude had it in his mouth.

Both parties were intoxicated and as you will know this condition usually causes things to not go well. It is no different in this case. Instead of cutting the sausage he cuts the nose off his mate. Watch the video below and if you can stomach it scroll a little further to see the result (NSFW).


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A brave mother bunny came to the rescue of its baby after it had been attacked by a snake. While being tangled up by the snake, the baby rabbit starts to scream for its mother. Just when you think it is too late, the mother arrives and leaps onto the snake to free the baby. What happens next is like the battle of Waterloo and Verdun combined into one massive and epic snake vs. rabbit battle.

The mother rabbit goes crazy and delivers punch after punch, something you do not even think a rabbit could do. She doesn’t go once or twice but she continues to follow the snake, and delivers one beating after another. The snake tries to flee but gets nowhere. You do not want to mess with this rabbit, something the snake will always remember. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015