Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Slightly chubby James Corden and skinny David Beckham have launched a new underwear line – which features both men stripping down to their undies. The clip takes aim at Justin Bieber’s famous underwear ad, showing the two men strike strong poses.

The spoof ad was created for Corden’s new US chat show “The Late, Late Show” which has only been recently launched. The clip ends with the promise from Corden this underwear is “available in no stores anywhere”. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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We all have heard of the wild parties during the “Spring Break” in the USA. Everything and everyone seems to freak out and lose control. This video takes it to the next level, however, – in a very bad way. An unknown student from the Florida State University has been filmed biting the head off a live hamster!

The crowd around him began to cheer and laugh as the drunken student smiled. The student was probably off his head and didn’t even think. Can anyone sink any lower? Poor animal, the animal rights group PETA has launched a manhunt to track down the individual. If anyone knows the poor sod, let us know.

Image Source: Screenshot/PETA/2015

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Aleira Avendano a 25-year-old from Venezuela, wears a corset 23 hours a day, seven days a week. She has been doing this for the past 6 years, which resulted in the shrinking of her waist down to an incredible 20 inches!

The 25-year-old began waist training at the tender age of just 19, in search of fame and beauty. Doctors have repeatedly warned that the corset poses seriously health risks and can lead to complications later on in life.

Miss Avendano also had three breast augmentations (she’s a size 34DD), a nose job, butt implants and liposuction. She has now become somewhat of a local celebrity in Caracas where she attracts stares and criticism alike. If you would like to see more images (via Twitter)  click here. Image Source Screenshot/Twitter/2014Aleira Avendano

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Instagram sparked an uproar after deleting a photo of a woman lying in her bed, showing menstruation blood on her clothing and sheets. Instagram user Rupi Kaur, a poet and artist from Toronto was working on a photo series about menstruation, at the University of Waterloo. According to Kaur, the photograph was deleted in less than a day after she shared it on Instagram. The service stated that the photo violated its community guidelines.

After Kaur had posted the photo for a second time Instagram then reacted by deleting the photo once again. In response she wrote an open letter which has since been liked by tens of thousands of fellow Instagrammers. Not only did it spark a great deal of conversation but news outlets from around the world caught up on the story. Eventually Instagram restored the photo and emailed her to apologise about the incident.

If that doesn’t show how powerful the masses can be? Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2015

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Can arguing get any better? Dog owners will know this just too well. You leave some food on your plate, in front of the TV, and you go to the kitchen to get a drink. When you come back your food is gone! You know straight away that it was the dog. You look at him/her and you already know by the look your dog is giving you, that he/she is guilty!

This is exactly what happened here. This husky ate the potato skins off his dad’s plate. What comes next is one of the biggest human to husky argument ever. After a long fight between the two the dad finally wins the fight. However, the husky doesn’t give in! Who knew huskies can argue like that? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Everyone had that moment when they noticed that something wasn’t right in the stomach area.Your stomach just switched to revolution mode and starts making trouble. That very second you try to think of what caused the issue in the first place. Was it the tacco that you had in the morning, or … actually no it must have been the takeaway from the “Golden Dragon”?

One thing is very clear right from the beginning: You need to make it to a toilet very, very fast. While thinking of that you dream of being at home on your very own toilet, without the stress and in a familiar surrounding. Nevertheless, the problem still remains and you start panicking, what if you won’t make it and you can’t hold it anymore? Will you just burst out right in front of everyone? Will they help or just laugh at you? This is what the creators of the video prank must have thought of.

Watch the video below and you will immediately understand how the guy with the cramps must feel. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015