Monday, January 26, 2015
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This seems to be straight out of a movie – but it actually happened in real life. An American scientist conducting research in the Antarctica logged on the dating app Tinder, one lonely afternoon. Although the chances seemed more than slim he still wanted to see if there were any available women out in the cold and harsh tundra.

To his surprise there was actually another researcher, working at a deep field camp, only a 45-minute helicopter ride away from the base station. What are the odds that this happens? Only a few minutes after he showed interest by swiping, they matched.

Both scientists do not want to be named out of concern that the government would revoke their internet privileges if anyone found out they were using precious broadband to look for hookups. Only weeks later, both scientists actually met for real. I guess we will see in future if something came from it.Image Source: Screenshot/Ryerson Clark/Pintrest

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I shouldn’t really say it but it is really funny to see this little guy running around, scared to the bones, because of a little baby puppy. I have never seen anybody being this scared because of a puppy! Will he be traumatised? Let’s hope not. Enjoy the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Analcare, a butt ointment, launched a twitter competition to win a year’s supply of their product – hemorrhoids cream. All you had to do is retweet their post to enter the competition. So if you are in need of a huge supply of hemorrhoids cream, join their competition on Twitter here. Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2015

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We all know the burden of student life – washing your clothes, cleaning up and cooking – oh don’t remind me of cooking! It can be hard at times but there is help, fear not. Pittsburgh-based company “Another Mother”is promising to offer a comprehensive service to support students and young professionals as they adjust to life away from home.

Set up and run by enterprising mother Ilene Scoratow, “Another Mother” promises to help with laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, prescription pick-ups, and even provides gift baskets designed to help students through late night study sessions.

Currently only operating in Pittsburgh, “Another Mother” can be used even by cash-strapped students. As it is not based on a subscription model – it’s USD 8 for grocery deliveries and USD 1.50 per pound of laundry. For more information regarding their prices and services please visit their website here.

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Usually when I wake up, I try to stay in bed and avoid getting up. There are times though when people cannot wait to get up and out of bed – like this guy. He woke up right in front of a massive crowd right outside of his bedroom window. Is this the perfect moment? The perfect moment to show the crowd how he feels? It definitely is, watch how the crowd goes mental. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube

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A strange sea creature called “frilled shark” was caught by a fishing trawler last week in the waters off the Australian town of Lakes Entrance in Gippsland. The frilled shark’s ancestry dates back 80 million years, and is often referred to as the living fossil.

It features a dark brown, eel-like body that grows up to 6.6 feet long, a shark-like tail, and a mouth full of teeth – it has 25 rows of teeth that number 300.
The shark was caught at 2,297 feet but is usually found as deep as 4,900 feet.

It generally lives in waters shallower than 3,900 feet. In the end the shark was sold to unknown buyers. Image Source: Screenshot/South East Trawl Fishing Association

frilled shark-australia

frilled shark