Friday, July 29, 2016
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I have heard of a safe in a wall or even in a fake tin can before, but having a safe in a shoe box is new to me. Company Mandem Safe created a unique safe stash box using the classic nike box to house your personal belongings. The safe is made out of 5mm steel with pre drilled holes in the base to enable you to secure your Mandem Safe directly to the floor – so people can’t just “nick it” and run away with all your belongings.

It also features a key and a lock, both a hidden so you won’t see them from the outside and its secret is not given away. For more information click here. Image Source: Screenshot/Mademsafe/2016


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Have you ever wondered how tennis balls are actually made? I always think of that specific smell that new tennis balls have. If you would like to see how they are made, then watch the video below. It is a pretty complex process but also a very interesting one. This is very satisfying to watch, but shows the hard work that people are exposed too while producing tennis balls. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016


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Who hasn’t taken a selfie yet? With the Weon Glasses taking a selfie will be just a click away. The WeOn Selfie Glasses are the first glasses that let you take the most original selfies using your smartphone. These glasses feature a shutter button that lets you capture your best moments from anywhere. Until now most people had to either carry a selfie stick or fiddle around with your phone.

Due to the Weon Glasses, these troubles are a thing of the past. Simply choose the best place to put your smartphone and shoot! The WeOn Selfie glasses come with a FREE innovative anti-gravity and super-thin designer sticker which will help you set up your smartphone on any surface without fear of it falling. Prices start around 19 Euros, for more information click here and support the idea on Kickstarter. Image Source: Screenshot/Weon Glasses/2016

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British daredevil Max Cave, 24, recorded himself while jumping between two huge 25-storey skyscrapers in Hong Kong. Wearing just shorts, trainers, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, he risked everything for a few seconds of fame. Cave is a member of U.K.-based Parkour team Storror, which travels around the globe to take on dangerous stunts. His stunt was uploaded to Instagram where it gathered 250,000 views within a very short period of time. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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Magic doesn’t always work, and this is a pretty good example of it. An illusionist who competed on “Poland’s Got Talent” with a magic trick, screwed up big time when his “magic” trick didn’t work. In the video, magician Marcin Połoniewicz places a nail into one of four paper bags. He then mixes the bags up and slams his hand down onto one of them and is not injured.

But when TV host Marzena Rogalska is tasked with doing the same, she is not so lucky. She tragically impales her hand with a nail and as a result screams through the TV studio. She was later brought to the hospital, where she was treated. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016