Friday, March 6, 2015
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After reading the heading you might be thinking wtf…! I did too when I first read it. A Wankband? That is clearly something only Pornhub could ever think of! So what is it?

According to Pornhub their Wankband generates power when you “shake it”. Then you can use the Wankband to power your electronics!

According to the site, their genre gets more visitors than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined! This means millions of hours every day are spent on those sites! So why not harness the energy and help to fight global warming.

If you want to know more watch the uncomfortably child-friendly, animated (SFW) video below. Not sure when this “gadget” will be available and more important if it will at all become available! I am sure this is just some marketing stunt! I might be wrong though… Image Source: Screenshot/Pornhub/2015

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It seems to be that time of the year again when fellow students are to be voted in the Student Union sabbatical elections. Random people will approach you and ask you to vote for them, sometimes even people you have never seen before.

You will also quickly notice that there will be some candidates that will go the extra mile and get very creative to get votes.

This is exactly what Jake Williams did in order to stand out from the crowd and become Education Officer at Leeds University. Some paint huge cardboards, create flyers, print banners or wear weird clothes. Williams decided to do none of those and instead covered Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’.

We would be lying if we said covered but I guess he used it as an inspiration, changing a few things here and there to suit his cause. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts! If you wanna know more, click here for Jake’s Facebook Page. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Andrew Paterson, from the Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University, recently extended his contract at Asda. Not only will he continue his part-time job but he also is agreeing to continue working weekend shifts. Something no student or Asda employee would ever look forward too!

Nevertheless, Andrew celebrated his contract extension like a football superstar. In a tweet he wrote: “Very happy to announce that I’ve renewed my contract with Asda and will continue working weekends for the near future”


Not only did his tweet go viral, but it has also been retweeted 18,000 times and he also owned it like a boss. His tweet was almost on a par with when Luis Suarez re-signed his contract with Liverpool in 2013. Let’s hope he enjoys his job at Asda!
Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2015

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As if skydiving isn’t scary enough already, things got pretty hairy for this Aussie. During a skydive the Australian man had a near-death experience after suffering a seizure while at 9000ft! Lucky for him his colleague and jumpmaster quickly noticed that something was wrong and came to the rescue, opening the parachute for the unconscious man.

The Australian was attending an Accelerated Free Fall programme when the accident happened and he spent about 30 seconds unconscious during the freefall.
Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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The world’s rarest Action Man costume could become the most expensive action toy in British history and fetch £20,000 at auction. Why? Because nobody believed it ever existed until a 87-year-old collector, a former toy rep, gave it up for sale.

The costume is so unusual that it is thought to be one of the only ones ever made. Some feared it had been forever lost. The unnamed collector is set to make a staggering £100,000 when his ultra-rare collection of Action Man uniforms goes under the hammer later this year.


The action will be held in Thornaby, North Yorkshire but a date has not yet been set. All costumes will be sold without the beloved 12-inch figures and the price is related to the mint conditions in which the uniforms are sold.
Prices like that are nothing unusual, a Star Wars collector recently paid £18,000 at auction for a rare figurine which went on sale 35 years ago for just £1.50.

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I am sure many of you have seen the “Walking Dead” series or other famous zombie movies? In case this stuff happens for real you will need to survive and take care of yourself. The American company, Taurus International Manufacturing Inc., has come up with the First 24, a 12” by 9” waterproof and dust-tight kit.

It includes a revolver, flashlight, emergency signals, fire starter, compass, 550 Para cord, batteries, and a battery caddy. If you want one you will need to flash out a whopping $1,499. The “First 24” will allegedly keep you alive and safe for the first 24 hours of an apocalypse-style scenario! So day two you should run into some big trouble.


Researcher from Cornell University Alexander Alemi, believes that in case of a Zombie outbreak cities would fall quickly, but it would take weeks for zombies to penetrate into less densely populated areas.
So if you are a country pumpkin you should be safe? Image Source: Taurus/Screenshot/2015