Monday, April 27, 2015
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Everybody knows this moment when you hear your favourite song and want to sing along. You just know the song so well in your mind and you sing it and it sounds just like the original. You are amazed how good you are and you already see yourself singing on stage. This is where most people realise that it was all just a dream. For a split second you are actually embarrassed. You giggle because you imagine what would have happened if you had actually opened your mouth and sang.

It would have been embarrassing on a major level. You get the chills running down your spine. Well this guy in the video, went a step further and actually opened his mouth. We all feel you bro, but no you can’t sing. Image Source: Screenshot/YOutube/2014

This week’s hottie is 18-year-old Rosie Mac from Devon who plays Emilia Clarke’s body double from the hit series “Game Of Thrones”. According to her blog on Vivaworld Mac moved to Marbella, Spain, when she was 10.

She has been body doubling on the set of Game of Thrones throughout series five. The resemblance is truly striking. Her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes just make her the perfect copy of the mother of dragons. Judging by her current success she will become an international star. If you would like to follow her on Facebook click here. Image Source: Screenshot/Facebook/2015

Rosie Mac - Games of Thrones

Rosie Mac - Games of Thrones 2

Rosie Mac - devon

Rosie Mac - GOT

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A new species of a see-through glass frog was found in Costa Rica and it looks just like Kermit. The internet was abuzz, earlier this week, over the discovery of Hyalinobatrachium dianae. This is the first time since 1973 that a new species has been discovered in Costa Rica, according to National Geographic.

Disney even released an official Q&A with the Kermit, in which he responded to a range of questions about his amphibious doppelganger! Image Source: Screenshot/Unknown/2015

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You’ll have to look closer to see it. If you look very closely you can see that this little cat looks transparent, showing the owners head through it. Can you see it? The colouring on the cat is similar to the owner’s forehead and hair. Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2015

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If you are scared of spiders then you should not watch this! It will haunt you for years to come. This Australian spotted one gigantic Wolf Spider in his kitchen on the floor. As you do when you find such a spider in your house you would want to kill it. That is exactly what he does by smashing it with a broom.

What happens next is straight out of a horror movie! As soon as the spider was squashed hundreds of mini-spiders were released and they all tried to escape. Female wolf spiders lay their eggs and then wrap them in silk to create a sac. They then carry the egg sacs on their spinnerets until they hatch. After they hatch, the spider babies attach themselves to their mother’s back. OMG how about no! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Once more a new trend sweeps the internet, dubbed the ‘#kyliejennerchallenge’ it encourages teens to blow their lips up to epic proportions using bottles or shot glasses. The method involves participants placing their mouth over the opening of a cup, or shot glasses and sucking in until the air vacuum causes their lips to swell up.

Now teens from around the world have been trying the new trend demonstrating the disturbing results of their experiences on social media. In most cases the experiment leaves severe bruising around the mouth. The results can last from hours to days and in some cases even far longer. If that isn’t crazy what is? Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/Instagram/2015


Kylie Jenner challenge 2