Saturday, May 30, 2015
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We all know that Roman candles can be an awful lot of fun. Who doesn’t like playing around with them? As most of you will agree, there is always someone who takes it too far. It is the same in this case. Some guys thought it would be cool to attach two Roman candles to a drone.

Not only is that already crazy on itself, but they then get hunted by the drone in the snow. Watch the video below and watch a drone man hunt, like you have never seen before. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Researchers at University of Florida, Drexel University and the University of Wisconsin have created a robotic butt that helps medical students to practice for their “proctology” examinations.

If you wonder what “proctology” means, I have to admit, I had to read up on this. It is basically a field in medicine, dealing with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon. Who knew?
The robot is called Patrick, and has four sensors, which allow the program to alert his examiner as to whether he or she is applying the right amount of pressure, and if they’re fully covering the prostate area.

If you ever had a prostate examination then you will know what this means.Students can now practice on Patrick instead of interacting with patients who might not be too keen on receiving such an intimate exam. Image Source: Screenshot/KQED Science/2015

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A new trend has emerged on Facebook with students in the UK, setting up “Gold Rush” Facebook pages, which allow people to leave messages for potential lovers. As you can imagine these won’t be your average messages.

With Graduation approaching fast, many students are giving it one last push hoping to reach out to their crush one last time. The idea is that the anonymous messages give your crush a subtle clue to who you are, and a very unsubtle clue that you want to get into their pants.

York, Swansea and Brighton & Hove are some of the universities who have already set up their “Gold Rush” Pages. The majority of the messages are hilarious, but it is impossible to prove if they are genuine. It is thought that many were sent by friends trying to make fun of each other. We have some of the best comments here. Has your university set up a Gold Rush Page yet? Image Source: Screenshot/Facebook/2015


swamsea university


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Nela Zisser, a model from New Zealand, gained internet fame after she managed to eat a 1kg burrito within 1 minute and 44 seconds. I do not know what stomach she has but that is pretty impressive. Ms Zisser has the remarkable ability to swallow while still chewing, helping her to down such a massive burrito in such a short time.

Every year the eatery challenge takes place in a restaurant called Mad Mex and participants have to eat a 1kg burrito in less than two minutes. Image Source: Screenshot/ YouTube / Nela Zisser)

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While you are at university, or College in America, you will most likely live with a bunch of friends in one tiny house. This is mainly due to the cost of living and accommodation. Nevertheless, this means that you are usually surrounded by some amazing, crazy, loveable, retarded and immature housemates – all day and every day.

In most cases you will bond like brothers and sisters, find friends for life and usually do stupid stuff all day long. In this case some college housemates in the U.S. scared one of their friends, on an ongoing basis. They scared the poor chap so frequently that they made a video of it. I have to mention that everybody would probably freak-out like this. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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We all know how important shoes are, they can decide upon the success of your day ahead. When the Mansfield High School had their graduation ceremony, this girl was wearing the wrong shoes, which was evident right from the start. It all ends in an epic fail.

Watch the video below, the reaction of the crowd is just amazing. They cannot believe what they are seeing. As far as we know, the lady was not injured and could attend her graduation without any further issues. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015.