Wednesday, December 2, 2015
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Getting the opportunity to study abroad is one of the many perks of being a student, there’s no denying it. It can be a terrifying thought at first – going somewhere completely new and incredibly unfamiliar, away from everything and everyone you know and love. But when you think about it, going on a year abroad might just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

You will gain so much life experience, you’ll meet different and interesting new people, you’ll try all kinds of weird and wonderful food, and best of all – think of all of the awe-inspiring
Instagrammable moments…

1. It’s the perfect chance to sharpen your language skills!

Whether you’re determined to learn a language fluently or you want to broaden your skillset, studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to refresh your knowledge.

1. You’ll get to see all kinds of places you never thought you would get to see.

In between actual work, you’ll more than likely have the opportunity to explore your surroundings. Take a day trip somewhere and discover new and exciting things.

1. Your experience will impress future employers.

The entire experience is going to look great on your CV. Being independent in a different country and learning all kinds of valuable international skills is going to make you a great candidate.

1. You’ll have the opportunity to discover yourself in a brand new environment.

Throwing yourself into a brand new, unfamiliar environment will allow you to learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of.

1. You’ll have the chance to meet and connect with so many new, interesting individuals.

You will come across so many different types of people, opening your mind to others and thus developing your people skills.

1. And so there’s no question that you will make friends for life.

You will be sharing the experience with other people, and there’s no doubt that kind of thing makes a special bond.

1. You will fall in love with the world and travelling.

The excitement of your experience will undoubtedly make you want to see even more of the world – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

1. Tuition fees can be low/

Depending on where you choose to study abroad, such as many areas of Europe, your tuition fees could be exceptionally lower. What’s more, you might even benefit from international scholarships or funding, so you don’t have to be penniless.

1. You get to experience a whole new culture and see your own culture from a completely different point of view.

You’ll gain a valuable insight and learn an entirely new point of view. Experiencing new cultures can open your mind and give you a better understanding of others.

1. You will get the BEST photos for Instagram. Priorities.

This pretty much goes without saying. Whether it be landmarks, adventurous day trips or new foods, there will be so many Instagrammable moments.

1. You’ll inevitably face many challenges, but this will just make you a more well-rounded person and you will feel like you can do anything!

Challenges – whether they are good are bad are so important, and there’s no better way to face them than on a year abroad. Literally take on the world.

1. You will learn so much more than you ever could in the confinements of a classroom.

The challenges you’ll face, the people you’ll meet and the places you’ll see will teach you more than you could ever imagine.

1. You will experience a completely new way of teaching.

This will open your mind to new ways of learning and studying, which will be highly beneficial to you in all kinds of situations throughout life.

1. You will gain life experience.

Probably the most important of all, you will finish a year abroad with an incredible amount of life experience. You’ll find yourself a stronger, more independent person.

Written by Katy Mairs, Blog Editor at

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The majority of people would never even dream of doing what Oleg Sherstyachenko is doing. He climbed the 50th floor of a Dubai skyscraper while jumping from one ledge to another on top of the skyscraper. One wrong step and it is all over. Balls of steel? Watch the video below, should you be scared of heights look the other way. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015.

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Comic Con is the premiere event where comic and movie fans get together and show off the cosplay costumes. The majority put a lot of effort in their cosplay character and its costume. Dozens of hours of labour and a lot of money characterise the efforts of every comic and movie fan.

Every now and then you meet someone that just goes that little bit further. In this case cosplayer Thomas DePetrillo from Extreme Costumes blew the crowds away when he showed off his 9.5-foot-tall Iron Man Hulkbuster costume.

It weighs a stunning 95lb and took DePetrillo two years, 60.000USD and 1600 hours to build. It even takes him 20 minutes just to put it on! Is this the best cosplay custome ever? Follow Thomas DePetrillo from “Extreme Customes” here. Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2015


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We are looking for ambitious content contributors who want to write for thousands of students who read us every month! You’ll be the first to hear and write about what’s happening in the world of education, students and university.

Your typical posts will include:
– Writing articles about students, their concerns and all kinds of interesting stuff that’s trending on the Internet;
– Creating titles that capture the essence of the story and engage users;
– Editing other people’s articles;

We expect you:
– To be a native English speaker;
– To have excellent writing and story-telling skills;
– To be experienced with blogging and web content creation;
- social reach

Please send us your CV to and a short note why you think you are a good match. This would be a part-time position and would suit any current student. You will be able to work from home or in your spare time.

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A chap from Birmingham came home from work, only to find the package he was expecting to be on the roof! After the delivery driver received no reply from the house he attempted to throw the parcel through an open window. According to the delivery company, Yodel, the driver returned shortly later with a ladder to retrieve the package. Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2015


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A driver in Russia swapped one of the rear wheels on his SUV for a log. Stunned drivers on the streets of St. Petersburg captured this picture of the car driving down a busy road. The driver was in the process of bringing the vehicle to a garage to get an actual wheel. According to witnesses the Chevrolet Niva was travelling at 50kmh (31mph) into the city.
Image Source: Screenshot/CEN/2015.