Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Can arguing get any better? Dog owners will know this just too well. You leave some food on your plate, in front of the TV, and you go to the kitchen to get a drink. When you come back your food is gone! You know straight away that it was the dog. You look at him/her and you already know by the look your dog is giving you, that he/she is guilty!

This is exactly what happened here. This husky ate the potato skins off his dad’s plate. What comes next is one of the biggest human to husky argument ever. After a long fight between the two the dad finally wins the fight. However, the husky doesn’t give in! Who knew huskies can argue like that? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Everyone had that moment when they noticed that something wasn’t right in the stomach area.Your stomach just switched to revolution mode and starts making trouble. That very second you try to think of what caused the issue in the first place. Was it the tacco that you had in the morning, or … actually no it must have been the takeaway from the “Golden Dragon”?

One thing is very clear right from the beginning: You need to make it to a toilet very, very fast. While thinking of that you dream of being at home on your very own toilet, without the stress and in a familiar surrounding. Nevertheless, the problem still remains and you start panicking, what if you won’t make it and you can’t hold it anymore? Will you just burst out right in front of everyone? Will they help or just laugh at you? This is what the creators of the video prank must have thought of.

Watch the video below and you will immediately understand how the guy with the cramps must feel. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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The dog in the video is called Fritz and what makes him so awesome is that he doesn’t know how to catch food! I think this is the only dog I have ever seen, who does not know how to catch anything – yet alone food.

His owner is trying desperately to teach Fritz, how to catch food but he seems to miss all the shots. Watch the video and see everything in slow motion. Fritz misses everything ranging from doughnuts to tacos. Just brilliant! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Around 300 million people, worldwide, experience the world without colour every day. It is something that we barely notice but yet those that can see colour cannot imagine living without. I remember in high school, a friend and I were watching a football game. This friend asked which team was winning. I told him the blue team and my friend asked again which team that was. I got really angry and yelled at him: the blue team, are you freaking blind? Then he told me that he is colour blind. I stared at him and was shocked but I understood immediately.

Valspar Color has come up with a brilliant ad to highlight what colour blind people see and don’t see. Not only do they show what they miss but they also offer them a chance to see colour for the first time via a special pair of glasses. Their reactions are beautiful. Watch their video and experience how colour-blind people are exposed to a brand new colourful world – amazing. Very clever marketing, their sales should skyrocket. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

Alicia Amanda Vikander is a Swedish actress and dancer, whose career began after appearing in several Swedish Films and TV shows. Since then she has starred in various local and international films.

Born in 1988, Vikander is not too well known yet although she appeared in some bigger movies such as “The Seventh Son 2015″ and “The Fifth Estate (2013)”. I am pretty sure she will rise to fame as soon as this year’s blockbuster, “Ex Machina“, airs. One movie I cannot wait for, it will be epic. Below I have selected a few images of Vikander. All images are screenshots and property of their respectful owners. Screenshots/2015

Alicia Vikander 3

Alicia Vikander 2

Alicia Vikander 1

Alicia Vikander 4

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11-year-old primary school student Liang Yaoyi from Shenzhen, China, suffered from an incurable brain tumour. Knowing he would die he made the decision to donate his organs to save others.
By the time the above photo was taken little Yaoyi had already lost consciousness and was no longer able to close his eyes by himself.

In the image below the doctors bowed to Yaoyi three times after performing the operation to harvest his organs. His mother covered her face and cried bitterly. This is such a sad story, but yet powerful. I thought it was worth mentioning. Image Source: Screenshot/chinasmack/2015