Friday, August 28, 2015
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Ilana Kolihnov, 21, a make-up artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, transforms herself into a Siberian husky in a fascinating, but slightly bizarre, video posted online. I would say it is the stuff of nightmares! Ilana uses a white pencil and textured paintbrush to sketch out the basic outline of her dog on her face.

The video runs for a total of seven-minutes and it is unclear how long the painstaking process took the artist to complete in real time. The video has since gone viral with users commenting either because they are impressed or terrified. What do you think? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

Ilana Kolihnov makeup-artist

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Have you ever thought what a Super Star Destroyer, from Star Wars, would look like parked over Manhattan? I cannot think of a time when I have. If you do not know what a Star Destroyer is, it is a massive space ship used in the Star Wars movies.

A Reddit user going by the name “movielover278″ had the unusual thought, and as you can see above, the ship is actually bigger than the island of Manhattan itself, extending from the southern tip of Manhattan into the south Bronx, roughly to the Bruckner Expressway.

The measurements were based on an Executor-class Star Dreadnought, the 19-kilometer-long capital ship of Darth Vader which crashed into the Death Star Mark II at the end of the “The Return of the Jedi” movie. Imagine needing to go from one end to another.. on foot! Image Source: Screenshot/Reddit/2015

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We all know what Bear Grylls job is: To go out into the wild and eat weird stuff, that very few of us have ever tried or would try. To date Grylls must have eaten a lot of horrible things and so far nothing has broken him! So far!

It happened in the second season of Running Wild, a show that pairs Grylls with a different celebrity in each episode and shows them how to rough it in the wilderness.

In it Grylls cooks Michelle Rodrigeuz urine, along with a mouse. Boiling the urine kills off bacteria, making the brew safe to drink. After downing it, Gryll admits that he finally has found the thing that has broken him! Watch the video below! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

Michelle Rodriguez Bear Grylls

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If so, have you seen one chasing a person? Although it is tiny, it still tries to keep up. This is probably the funniest thing you will see today. Miniature horses were actually “developed” from the 1600s onwards, by cross breeding ponies and horses. Later on they were mainly used in coal mines, due to their tiny statue. Every day you learn something new :)

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Imagine a world without colour! For us colour seeing people it is just normal, to see the world as bright and colourful as it is. Colour-blind people mainly just see everything in different grey shades (correct me if I am wrong). Imagine seeing no bright yellow sunshine or green grass along with different flowers etc.

This man uses special glasses for the first time in his life, allowing him to see the world as it is, with all its beauty and colours. It turns out to be a very emotional experience for this young chap, and he gets overwhelmed by earth’s beauty, when he tries on his new pair of glasses during a sunset at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. Image Source: Sreenshot/Youtube/2015


If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will know Padma Patil. She was one of the twin sisters who were in Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter films. The British actress is of Bangladeshi origin and her real name is Afshan Azad.
You may remember her best as Ron’s less-than-thrilled date to the Yule Ball. Guess what? That was over 10 years ago and this is what she looks like now! How times have changed? Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2015.