Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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Selling squatting stools might not be the most glamorous or simple thing to sell. That is unless you come up with something quite unusual and simply brilliant. So brilliant, funny and unforgettable that people forget that you are actually selling pooping stools. This is exactly what the company that sells squatting stools, Squatty Potty, managed to do.

They created an advert that is funny, witty, strange and yet entertaining. It features a dashing Prince Charming and a Unicorn who sh*ts rainbow-coloured ice creams. What more could you ask for? The idea behind this all is to promote a squatting stool, which enables you to loosen your muscles while squatting on the toilet, allowing you to poop better. Watch the video below and decide if you would buy one.

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Meet 22-year-old Joey Miggler, who currently holds the world record for ‘the most number of flesh tunnels’. The body artist received his first piercing when he was 13 years old. Since then he has developed a taste for bizarre body modification and now he has a grand total of 27 different piercings, as well as six tattoos, an implant and has even had his buttock branded.

Mr. Miggler, from Germany, can only take “small bites” when eating food – but insists his tunnels do not affect the rest of his daily life. In the future he would like to get an eyeball implant. What do you think?


Joey Miggler

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Have you ever complained about being stuck in a traffic jam? How long was the traffic jam then? One or two miles, or maybe more? Have you ever been to China? At the end of the country’s week-long National Day celebration, everybody just wanted to get home. As everything is always bigger in China, so were the traffic jams. Due to the holidays the main highway into Beijing clogged up, causing a 50-lane-wide traffic jam on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.

A new checkpoint had created a bottleneck that caused traffic to merge down to 20 lanes, which backed up traffic for hours and caused the 50-lane-wide traffic jam. Imagine being in the middle of it! Image Source. Poor people. Screenshot/WHITEHOTPIX VI



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A student called Lauren Whitmore from Fordham University, lost her student ID card and no other than Tom Hanks found it. The Hollywood superstar then took to Twitter to find her. The Hollywood star’s social media campaign was picked up by a local New Yorker City station, called WCBS-TV.

The radio station then discovered the brunette was a local student. Many fans and Twitter users retweeted the story and it soon went viral. According to the student she was jogging around Central Park on Monday when she lost her card.

The student is hoping to meet Hanks in person in order to regain her ID. You can follow Tom Hanks’s Twitter account here.  Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2015


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Jimmy Kimmel asked a bunch of people on Hollywood Boulevard, what the most impressive thing was they had ever done. As you can imagine, people came up with all kinds of things. One young lady admitted that her most impressive moment involved cheating on her boyfriend, and not getting caught. Well she has been caught now. Imagine if you are her ex and you see that on TV! How would you react? Watch the video below. You got to skip too 2:58 to see it. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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These pictures have been making the rounds lately. Villagers in a remote town in Thailand, seem to have found an unknown creature. The unusual animal has dark, scaly skin like a reptile and a crocodile-shaped head. What could it be? To me it looks like an animal that was burnt? Or could it really be an unknown creature, which evaded discovery for so long? Image Source: Screenshot/youtube/2015.