Friday, February 27, 2015
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This sounds just like a story straight out of Hollywood, but it did in fact happen in real life. Maria Petrou, 21, from Coventry, suffered years of abuse because of her “geeky” looks and passion for studying.

Called “Ugly Betty”, the main character from the American television series, by many of her colleagues at school Maria now launched a career as a catwalk model! Now if that ain’t payback! Currently in her third year at university studying fine art, Maria is now in line to be crowned Miss Coventry in a beauty contest next month.

Let’s hope she will make it! Go for gold! Image Source: Screenshot/2015


Maria Petrou - 1



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This is just a normal camel having a laugh with its homeboys. Not sure where this video was taken, but this could have been in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia etc. That camel seems to be happy though. Have you ever seen such a happy camel? Such a laugh and smile! Image Sources: Screenshot/Youtube/2015

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Food scientists at The Robin Collective (UK marketing agency) in collaboration with KFC have created the edible coffee cup. The cup is made out of biscuit and has been wrapped in sugar paper. In addition, the sugar paper is lined with a layer of white chocolate.

KFC even went further and infused the cups with mood improving aromas,” like ‘coconut sun cream,’ ‘freshly cut grass’ and ‘wild flowers,’ which “evoke positive memories which customers associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays.”

Let’s hope they haven’t used any chemicals for those aromas. The “Scoff-ee Cups” will only be available in a limited number of UK stores, as the experimental packaging drink is still in the developmental phase. Image Source: Screenshot/KFC/2015


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There are normal make-up artists and then there are special make-up artists. Further, there are people who always wanted to be superheroes! So if you mix both, a vision to become a superhero with a talented make-up artist you get: Lianne Moseley! 25-year-old Lianne Moseley is a self-trained make-up artist from Calgary, Canada.

Usually she makes her living through making-up brides and models but recently added the “comic Style” make-up to her skill set. After painting her first comic character, she started to get a small following and displayed her work on Facebook. Why makeup? Her mom used to sell catalogue cosmetics and in school she used to do her friends make-up.

Her fan base is slowly growing, and even Ashton Kutcher enjoys her work and shared an article on his very own Facebook page – which should help tremendously. Speaking of Facebook, to see more of Lianne’s incredible work click here!
Image Source: Screenshot/Facebook/2015


Lianne Moseley -wolverine



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There are some people who would do anything to receive fame or even “Likes” via Facebook. Everyone has this friend that does stupid things just to get popular on social media. This is what 24-year-old Fazal Shaik must have thought when he stood on a 120-year-old giant tortoise.

The picture was snapped at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, eastern India. The young man was arrested after uploading the picture to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He told the police that he had undertaken the cruel stunt to ‘get lots of likes’.

Galapagos giant tortoises are the largest tortoise species on the planet, and have an expected life span of well over 100 years! Some tortoises have reached ages of even 170 years. Can only humans be this stupid? Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/CEN/2015


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Whenever car owners have to remove snow from their vehicles, it can be quite difficult and very time-consuming. It seems that this chap was fed up and used his sound system to clear the snow off his car!
He must have spent a pretty penny on that sound system. This is the kind of video where you have to wait until the end. You won’t believe what you will see. This guy should certainly not have children – that is for sure! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2015