Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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A man has described how he was so stressed with his daily life that he decided to live as a goat. 34-year-old Thomas Thwaites aka Goatman is a UK-based designer who decided one day to take a break from being human. Instead he became a goat. With the help of a team of researchers and the financial support of a London-based biomedical research group called the Wellcome Trust.

Mr Thwaites built a number of prototypes that would aid his adventure as a goat. This included several designs such as a wooden structure, but he ended up using prosthetic limbs to walk in a field with goats. Thwaites was even able to convince a goat farmer to allow him to spend three days as part of a goat herd in the Swiss Alps. And you thought your life was boring? Think again. Image Source: Screenshot/Thomas Thwaites/2016



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If you are a man and you read the headline you will already know the answer. If you are a woman you will automatically say no and claim it is the look and the personality of a man that make him attractive and not material things. Watch the video below and you will be able to make up your own mind. Like bees around a honeypot – that is all I can say! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016


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Even the hippies went to university and this is how they looked in 1969 in the US. This meant individuality and customisation over mass production. Those where the days when men had long hair and women had little makeup. In 1969, LIFE Magazine decided to photograph the fashions that American students across the country were wearing, which is why we’ve got these brilliant photos to share with you today.

For people who experienced those times it will always be remembered as a cultural revolution against the mainstream which captured the imagination of an entire era. Image Source: Screenshot/LIFE Magazine/1969






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This mysterious sea creature has fishermen baffled after they spotted it floating off the coast of China, near Zhoushan City. The unknown creature appeared to have two bulging teeth and a large, long snout. The video below shows the grey creature with smooth, glossy skin, and its captors describing it as being “dolphin-like”.

It had reportedly already died when it was spotted, but the Chinese wildlife magazine Bo Wu, claims the animal was most likely a member of the beaked whale (Ziphiidae) family. However, this specific animal in the sea near Zhoushan City did not have a fin so it is still not known what species it is. Image Source: Screenshot/CEN/2016.


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In Felda, Malaysia, a goat born with the face of a human baby has started a bidding war as people desperately tried to buy it. Due to it looking like a carcass of the so-called fawn – the mythical fusion of goat and animal, locals wanted to buy it.

The newborn did not live for long after its birth and was born on the property of farmer Ibrahim Basir. The farmer refused all cash offers, instead choosing to hand it over to the Veterinary Services Department so it could be studied. The goat’s appearance has so far not been explained, though Ibrahim thinks the animal’s looks were a result of being trampled by its mother. What do you think? Image Source: Screenshot/CEN/2016


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This “very basic” looking house is situated in New Orleans and it holds an incredible secret: it is worth $1 million dollars! You might not think that this is true, but wait until you take a look at the inside of this house: it is amazing and it will take your breath away! The interior of the house is in fact built according to today’s standards and reveals a truly stunning design which could not be derived from the house’s humble exterior. That architect has got some skills. Image Source: Screenshot/acidcow/2016