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The founder of Younilife and still living in the Uni years although they have long passed. I am constantly looking for the latest content to publish right here for you and crazy for anything digital. Established during my Uni Years, Younilife hopes to provide current students with the possibility to grade their universities and pass on their experiences. If you wish to contact me, for whatever reason, please use: Hagen at younilife.com

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The time of year to enjoy a horror movie marathon with friends is here. There are some cult horror films you must watch. The 5 top horror movies of the last 10 years are perfect for any horror movie marathon. While film buffs should try to check out some older films as well, there have certainly been some great recent ones. Between work or classes and playing games at the Royal Vegas casino, people can check out the great horror movies that have already built up a cult following. These are films that will endure in popularity for years.

Let the Right One In

This subtle 2008 horror film demonstrates the power of a mood piece. Audiences actually get several types of horror with this one. They’ll get the everyday terror of childhood bullying that has escalated to the point of being criminal. They’ll get the existential horror of being a vampire’s assistant murderer. They’ll certainly get the horror of witnessing vampire murders in the first place. This is a highly psychological film that works on multiple levels.

Cabin in the Woods

This 2012 film is for the people who like horror movies that are slick and self-aware as well as scary. This film takes familiar settings for horror movies and familiar themes from horror movies and uses it all in a new way, while also helping people appreciate why all of the original tropes work. The Royal Vegas casino and similar websites offer people vacation opportunities similar to the one portrayed in the film. Hopefully, people won’t watch a film like this after winning such a vacation.

Paranormal Activity

This 2007 film helped create a franchise, and with good reason. It’s a film that really plays to the mundane realities that people experience, and that makes it seem so much more real. The characters seem like regular people. The film is very low-budget. A lot of what happens isn’t even that extreme. The film is all the more horrifying as a result. People can easily insert themselves into the proceedings, imagining that they could be playing games at the Royal Vegas casino a minute before getting attacked by a demon.


This is a 2009 zombie movie that recognizes the comedic potential of the genre as well as the horrific potential of it, playing to different zombie fans equally well. The film also has a lot of fun meta-fictional commentary related to the zombie genre, so any seasoned zombie fan is going to love it. However, the humor and wit at the heart of the film will not obscure its truly frightening center.


Given the recent successful sequel, plenty of people might be interested in watching the movie that started it all. This 2008 film managed to do something new with a story involving a monster destroying a city, really capturing the confusion and terror of the situation. This film is another horror movie that manages to use low-budget sensibilities to its advantage, creating a finished product that seems more real and thus more horrifying as a result.

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Online gaming is a fast growing field of the gambling industry all around the world, and many university students enjoy a little flutter now and then on these online casinos. Online slots and poker seem to be one of the preferred game of many of the university students worldwide. The casino games at Magical Vegas, are certainly what many of you might be searching for. Magical Vegas offers a wide range of online slots from more than ten popular game providers including Netent, and this certainly makes it easier for you to find slot games that suit you best.

Many may have heard of Charlton Bird, an undergraduate student who won not less than £18,000 in about a year by betting on football. For this Manchester United fan, consider a little bit of gambling fun as a calculated risk and he is quite sensible about how he plans to spend his winnings. This business management student who was at the Manchester Metropolitan University, is planning for a work experience scheme in New York and also a university program known as Mountbatten.

Likewise there are many university students all around the world who like a little bit of online casino flutter every now and then. As per a study conducted amongst online study in Australia, 38.5% of the student surveys admitted that they enjoyed online gambling sessions at least once a week, while 27% of them have been on an online casino at least once in the past three months. At Magical Vegas you will certainly find hundreds of top Vegas Favourites slots.

Themed on one of the most beautiful woman ever, Cleopatra Slot brings to you the riches of Ancient Egypt on its 20 paylines. On its golden reels, Cleopatra takes the form of the wild card while the Sphinx is the key to the Free Spins round where all winnings are tripled.

Book of Dead
Join Rich Wilde for a fabulous adventure on the Egyptian themed Book of the Dead Slot by Play’n GO. The tomb acts as the Wild card on this game while the book of the dead triggers the Free Spins bonus, where a particular symbol will expand during all the free spins.

Golden Ticket
Go back to the 1920s to experience the old time circus magic on Golden Ticket Slot. Winning combos are formed with 3 or more consecutive matching symbols horizontally or vertically. The lion tamer, strongman and clown will entertain you with consecutive wins and also a bonus round.

Wheel of Fortune On Tour
It’s time to take the Winnebago and tour around the landmarks in the U.S with this amazing 30 paylines slot from IGT. Collect the yellow bus on the reels to increase a petrol meter, and hop on the On Tour Bonus by moving on the Wheelmobile to win huge prizes.

The 100,000 Pyramid
Can you beat the contestants on the Winner’s circle of The 100,000 Pyramid Slot? Play the Winner’s Circle Bonus to accumulate free spins and also earn a bonus multiplier by simply climbing a pyramid.

Khoudia Diop is a 19-year-old Senegalese model, who has taken the internet by storm due to her unusual dark skin colour. The model used to be bullied due her colour: ‘Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people, which helped a lot.’

Diop started modelling when she was 17, and her pictures have earned her a following of over 235k on Instagram. Working now as a full time model, she mainly travels between New York and Paris. Look who is laughing now 🙂 Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2016




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It seems that chocolate slices in the shape of cheese singles are a thing now. I wonder why no one thought about this earlier? Chocolate slices have arrived and could be coming to a fridge near you very soon. Japanese confectionery brand Bourbon has developed the product and is selling them online in packets of 60. Each slice is two millimetres thick and is described as “full-bodied deep, melt-in-your-mouth smooth ganache”.The internet appears divided about the product, with some chocoholics absolutely loving the idea, while others are not so convinced. What do you think? Image Source: Screenshot/ameblo.jp/Twitter/2016



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Facebook user Jason Womal uploaded a video of a giant spider dragging a mouse up his fridge. You can relax – the video originates from Australia, which is home to already 94 known species of Huntsman spiders. Huntsman spiders are not considered dangerous to people, although large ones can inflict painful bites. Watch the video below, if you dare 🙂 Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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A girl named Bree has Tweeted an image of a pair of bare legs that look to be incredibly shiny, as if they were covered in baby oil or something similar. The internet has been baffled at the discovery, and the image has since been retweeted over 5,000 times. If you look closely it is nothing more than an optical illusion. Can you figure out what’s going on here? What you are actually seeing is caused by well-placed streaks of white paint, nothing more, which makes the legs appear as if they are covered with oil. Once you have seen it you cannot “unsee” it. Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2016