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Teenager has to eat fry ups everyday to survive rare condition

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Teenager has to eat fry ups everyday to survive rare condition

I bet it is fun the first few days but after that it must get boring….Lee, 15, lives on sausages, bacon and burgers, all washed down with gallons of olive oil and double cream. He suffers from a one-in-14-million condition that means his body cannot process glucose and he has to eat lots of high-fat foods to survive. Sweets, anything sugary, bread and pizzas are banned.

But he can eat as many fry-ups as he likes. Every week Lee polishes off 56 sausages, 24 rashers of bacon, 24 burgers, three jars of peanut butter, seven tubs of double cream, a litre-and-a-half of olive oil and a huge jar of mayonnaise. Mum Ayse Parker, 34, said: “For the most part Lee is happy that he gets to live every teenager’s dream.  “He will be sat at the dinner table with a big pile of sausages and burgers while I try to cook healthy meals for the other kids. “Everything he eats is fried. I also have to put double cream and mayonnaise in everything. He doesn’t really like mayonnaise so I have to sneak it into his baked beans.”

Without his special “ketogenic” diet, his condition — called GLUT1 — would result in brain damage, leading to catastrophic seizures and other long-term problems. Lee was diagnosed with autism aged three and epilepsy at seven. Despite medication his seizures got worse as he grew older. In desperation Ayse videoed one of his fits on her mobile at the family home in Croydon, South London.


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