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Another Mother acts as a stand-in mother for students

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Another Mother acts as a stand-in mother for students

We all know the burden of student life – washing your clothes, cleaning up and cooking – oh don’t remind me of cooking! It can be hard at times but there is help, fear not. Pittsburgh-based company “Another Mother”is promising to offer a comprehensive service to support students and young professionals as they adjust to life away from home.

Set up and run by enterprising mother Ilene Scoratow, “Another Mother” promises to help with laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, prescription pick-ups, and even provides gift baskets designed to help students through late night study sessions.

Currently only operating in Pittsburgh, “Another Mother” can be used even by cash-strapped students. As it is not based on a subscription model – it’s USD 8 for grocery deliveries and USD 1.50 per pound of laundry. For more information regarding their prices and services please visit their website here.

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