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The Green Lantern is going Gay – WTF?

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The Green Lantern is going Gay – WTF?

Blockbuster movies like ‘The Dark Knight’ rake in billions, but sales of the comic books on which they’re based have been stalled at $670 million annually for years. DC’s gay Green Lantern gimmick is part of an effort to freshen aging characters and boost flagging sales.

DC Comics announced today that Alan Scott, the true identity of the original Green Lantern when the comic began in 1940, will be revealed as gay in next weeks issue of ‘Earth 2’.  In New York’s scorching summer of 1940, Alan Scott toiled on the railway lines. His prospects were limited and his job, perilous. In mid-July, a tragic bridge collapse would have ended his story—were it not for the appearance of a magic space lamp. Alan Scott picked up the powerful lantern, and took its name for seven decades of green flaming and Justice League-ing. And now he is Gay! I mean what the fuck?

What’s next?  Batman is bi? Or Wolverine is gay too? Hell no this ain’t happening. For years I’ve been a fan, my childhood has  practically been ruined over night – changing all this just to boost sales? Ruin a super hero that’s been helping us for decades? The “big two,” DC and Marvel, own the rights to pretty much all the superheroes you know, but most of the artists and writers who actually created them—and those who now draw them—have no intellectual property. No shit – have they even been asked? What do they think? Would they have allowed that? The heroes of yesteryear—Batman, Superman, Iron Man—still have tremendous value.

But today, their worth has almost nothing to do with their printed personae. There are other ways though: Steven Seagle  had a lot more success with his own studio, Man of Action, which owns the rights to Ben 10, a multibillion-dollar franchise, now on Cartoon Network. Had Kirkman or Seagle written their hits at DC or Marvel, they’d be worth a tiny fraction of what they are today.

What do you think?

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