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Unii.com -The Student Network

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Unii.com -The Student Network

Unii is a social ecosystem and portfolio of products made exclusively for students in UK Higher Education. The Unii community is now 165,000-strong representing 10 per cent of the UK student community, second in size only to the NUS for its verified student database.

The underlying social network Unii.com enables them to engage with individuals and societies at university or college, whilst making the most out of a private social environment only accessible to students. The rest of the Unii portfolio consists of standalone apps that enhance the product offering and student experience, from Living (student accommodation) and Jobs (student Jobsboard) to Market (student marketplace) and Mingle (flirting app exclusively for students). Students can sign into any Unii product using their single Unii account, giving them the privacy to connect online without worrying about their digital footprint being visible to the greater public; what happens at uni, stays at Unii.com.

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