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Viewers share all about their favourite US TV turn-ons

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Viewers share all about their favourite US TV turn-ons

Some of the biggest shows in the States, be they on the big or small screen, have achieved fame when shown elsewhere in the world. Whether left as they are or dubbed in a foreign language, sitcoms, dramas and all-action blockbusters have had viewers in their millions entertained, enthralled and intrigued about the next episode or sequel.

Many of these shows were set in New York, with the Big Apple providing a perfect backdrop for laughs and plot twists aplenty, but how integral was the city to these shows? A survey relating to a competition about winning a trip to NYC revealed how accurately people felt shows such as Friends and Sex in the City accurately reflected living in New York.

There for you?

In the survey, 18.9% of all respondents chose Friends as their favourite US-based TV show, elevating the sitcom above all the competition. Coming a distant second was Breaking Bad set in Albuquerque with 9.9% of the vote, while Sex in the City, which was set in the Big Apple, got 6.7%. Even though it ended around a decade ago, Friends still remains popular, even if it’s repeated endlessly today.

As well as being voted best US TV show, Friends also came out on top in a few other categories.Wisecracking Chandler was voted by 22.9% as the ideal American best friend, an astonishing 31.92% voted for Rachel as the most stylish female TV character while “How You Doin’”, the refrain of the dim-witted but lovable Joey, was chosen as best catchphrase by 17.6% of respondents.

Lost in translation

Even though it was huge over here, Friends didn’t seem that true to life. Set in one of the more upscale parts of New York, it seemed odd that despite spending most of their time drinking coffee while complaining about money problems, the friends could afford to live in big apartments and pay over the odds for a cappuccino without a second thought!

Today, there is a big trend for remaking British shows in the US, with many not achieving a huge amount of success. The much-maligned re-tread of The Inbetweeners was chosen by one in six asthe worst US remake of all-time on TV or film. Fawlty Towers and the 2003 remake of The Italian Job weren’t far behind, nor was The Office, even though it’s into its seventh season now!

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