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Universe: A win win for on-budget studying

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Universe: A win win for on-budget studying

What is Universe?

The exclusive online marketplace for students. Simple….Sell your uni books and make money. Buy your books and save money. Gone are the days when a book’s price tag is a reason enough to ditch the revision, as is the feeling of post-purchase dread knowing Quantum Physics Volume 1 just chugged an entire month’s pub fund.

Universe offers the ideal solution for both: a swap-shop for the budget conscious student who, let’s face it, would sooner fail their exams than spend what little money they have studying for them.

How buying works…
Step 1 – Search for your book, using different search filters
Step 2 – Buy the book.
Step 3 – If both you and the seller agree to exchange the book on campus, then cut out the delivery cost!

How selling works…
Step 1 – List your book, using the ISBN number on the back of the book
Step 2 – Someone pays you for the book
Step 3 – If you and the buyer agree to exchange the book o campus, then cut out P&P costs and earn money!

How did Universe come about?

Universe was born out of the frustration of then student, Tiernan Mines. Tiernan told us the Universe story;

“Universe evolved out of another website a friend and I created for students when we were in our final year at uni. I realised that all students have the same problems; they get told they need certain books; the books cost extortionate amounts of money; they can only make a few pounds back on the books or they gather dust, once they’re used and no longer needed.

So I decided to create and exclusive online marketplace for student to buy and sell books to eachother.

Universe means students don’t have to pay premium costs for books they need and can earn money on books they no longer need. One of the added beauties of Universe is students can cut out delivery costs if they’re at the same university, by exchanging the book in person or arranging for drop-off.

We don’t want anymore students to go through the frustrations that we went through. Universe is there to save students money and make students money.”

How & where can I sign up?

You can head over to www.universemp.co.uk and sign up for FREE with your university email address. Don’t forget to check various prize giveaway competitions we run on our twitter and facebook pages;


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