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This Is The Tallest Water Slide In The World

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This Is The Tallest Water Slide In The World

The Schlitterbahn is the world’s tallest waterslide and is set to open this month at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Waterpark, USA. Riders will have to climb 264 steps to reach the top of this 17-storey high slide. Rafts, with four people in them, will be able to reach speeds in excess of 60 mph. Not only that but they will ascend a second 5-storey incline before hurtling down another 50 ft to the end of the ride.

Before opening for the public, slide designer Jeff Henry and ride engineer John Schooley had to test it themselves. I guess that is only fair. Watch the video below – it is freaking crazy! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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