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The Beer Bong Start-Up Story

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The Beer Bong Start-Up Story

We wish we had a really dramatic and moving start-up story that read like the opening scene of a box office smash-hit, or a captivating chapter in a timeless History book, but sadly that is not quite the case. Beerbong UK’s birth came about because of one large hardship the British public were facing – they had a distinct lack of a quality beer bong and beer pong vendor.

We realise that beer bongs are not the most sought after product the world has seen, but their popularity is growing. Students especially appreciate the fun, hilarity, and boozy banter that comes along with such funnel-fuelled festivities.

For those of you who don’t know: a beer bong is essentially a funnel with a hose pipe attached to it, that also has a closable tap on the end; the idea of the beer bong is that it elminiates the gassiness of beers, ciders, and alcopops making them a lot more drinkable at pace. While there are always going to be a few characters around who take things to excess, beer bongs can be enjoyed in moderation as a party game in itself. We also sell a range of beer pong sets which is a game that involves cups, ping-pong balls, and aiming at eachothers drinks in order to forfeit a down-in-one.

The reason we started Beerbong UK was because we are a nation of social-butterflies, we all enjoy a good party game, and let’s face it we all like a good drink too. Beer bong and beer pong are huge in the states and a massive part of college culture; it’s already picking up over here too, and we know that as soon as people get a taste of the party game atmosphere they’re going to want more! We are here to supply high-quality beer bongs and beer pong sets to the wanting masses, and encourage some good old hooch-filled hoorah along the way.

Interested? Come on over and give our party emporium a visit here.

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