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Shpock. The “Shop in your pocket” app is about to launch in the UK

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Shpock. The “Shop in your pocket” app is about to launch in the UK

Since the initial launch in September 2012 Shpock – the boot sale app for beautiful things (available for iOS & Android) is among the top lifestyle apps in the app stores in Germany and Austria. Now Shpock officially launches in the UK with the goal to simplify and revolutionize the mobile second-hand shopping experience.  Shpock (SHop in your POCKet) is looking forward to supporting a vibrant community of design and second hand fans in the UK and is already seeing thousands of products listed in the UK.

As spring is near thousands of people enjoy strolling around flea markets or car boot sales. Their motives can be very different: Many are excited by the possibility to discover something special, a truly unique piece of design or fashion. Others want to actively engage in a more sustainable lifestyle where instead of throwing things away and buying all new items, they are looking for second hand products offered in their neighbourhood. Others again try to save money by making a bargain or earn some money from things they do not want to use themselves anymore. Most people look for all of the above. Shpock caters to all of the above. It provides the same exiting experience as a boot sale on the smartphone, at any given weather or time.

In less than 30 seconds, a new item can be listed, and it is immediately visible to people nearby. he items are sorted by the current location of the user in a visually very appealing way and thus the app makes it easier to discover local treasures. Once a user finds something precious, it is extremely easy and fast to get in touch with the seller and settle all details within the app. The app download is free and Shpock charges absolutely no commission fees.

Co-Founder Katharina Klausberger is looking forward to seeing many many more items from UK users: “UK is known for its tech savvy people! After constantly learning and improving the app over the last 15 months, we will be able to provide a great experience for vintage lovers in the UK”.

Since the initial launch, Shpock has gained more than 2.000.000 downloads and users listed more than 3.000.0000 products in their neighbourhood. According to market reports (and based on downloads) Shpock is the largest mobile classifieds app in the German-speaking area after eBay Classifieds.

Shpock’s simplicity, the picture-based design and above all the fun shopping experience, convinced our users in Germany and Austria. The first app store reviews from UK users show us that Shpock is ready to move to a new region.” – Co-Founder Armin Strbac

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