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Have You Seen Or Heard Of The Two Legged Boxer?

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Have You Seen Or Heard Of The Two Legged Boxer?

A two legged boxer puppy was born with severely deformed rear legs which had to be removed after birth. He has proven that his two front runners are all he needs. In a video posted on Youtube by his owners the puppy can be seen running along on a beach, showing that his lack of hind legs is anything but a hindrance.

The boxer Duncan Lou Who usually has a wheelchair to help him get around, but he prefers to simply run with what he’s got. He gallops along on his two front legs and uses the back half of his body and his tail to balance himself.

Duncan is cared for by the Panda Paws Rescue centre a rescue, rehabilitation and hospice specialising in canine special needs and run by Amanda Giese and Gary Walters, in Washington State. Watch the video below, and you will get an idea of how fast the two legged boxer really is – Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014

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