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Skywalkers Climb China’s Tallest Building

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Skywalkers Climb China’s Tallest Building

I do not know about you but I am no good with heights – just looking at these pictures makes me sweat and my hands are getting cold and sweaty too. The ‘Urban ninjas’ Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov – two guys with balls of steal – climbed the unfinished Shanghai Tower before peering down from the 2,000ft-high viewpoint.

The pair scaled the 632m skyscraper without any safety gear and got so high they passed through clouds on their way up. Both daredevils had to wait for the cover of darkness to climb the tower in order to avoid the authorities, making their ascent even more dangerous. It took both climbers around 2 hours to reach the top and while at the top they had to wait another few hours for the clouds to disappear – giving away a view “like something from an aircraft window”.

Have a look at the video below – if you can stomach it! Image Source: Screenshot/Vitaly Raskalov/2014

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