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The 3D Virtual Store: A New Generation Of Online Shopping

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The 3D Virtual Store: A New Generation Of Online Shopping

The Spirit of Arabia story starts in London as far back as 1990. Founder Arshed Mohammed, from Glasgow, was working as a Project Executive with Reuters at the time while studying through the Open University to obtain a degree. “I used to travel every day by tube to work and got off at Tower Hill tube station,” recalled Arshed. “As you came out of the station there were vendors selling products to tourists. I remember thinking the T-shirts and mementos offered were of very low quality and was sure tourists could be sold better products.” Over the years he noticed the same again and again wherever he travelled.

Relocating to Dubai in 2001, Arshed witnessed the huge boom in development of the city, especially on tourism projects. He realised the need to get a fashion designer involved to create and offer stylish products to tourists. He also recognised the need for a good story to create a brand with which people could identify.  “Our concept is simple, yet very powerful,” said Arshed. “It’s about making the Arab world accessible internationally through our products.”

Spirit of Arabia has now a demonstration of its 3D virtual store. Customers can select an avatar, walk around the Spirit of Arabia store, view products, obtain product information, try on products in the changing room, add to their shopping carts and check-out as with traditional online shopping sites. View the video of their 3D virtual store below. If you would like to visit his website click here.

Image Source: Spirit of Arabia/Arshed Mohammed/2014

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