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Britain’s fattest teenager needs dramatic £100,000 operation to rescue her

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Britain’s fattest teenager needs dramatic £100,000 operation to rescue her

Not being rude but she must have noticed at some point that she is getting too big? A 63-stone teenage girl had to be rescued from her own home after calling out to her mother from her bedroom that she could not stand up, it emerged today. Her stepfather Arthur Treloar revealed how 19-year-old Georgia Davis’s desperate plea for help sparked the dramatic operation to smash into her house to get her to hospital. She needed urgent care last week but had to wait eight hours as walls were knocked down before she could be carried from her home into an ambulance.

Mr Treloar blames himself for his stepdaughter’s condition because she quit a fat camp in America and piled on the pounds after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It cost an estimated £100,000 as emergency workers spent eight hours cutting her free as two walls of her home in Aberdare, South Wales, were demolished to remove her from her first-floor bedroom. She remained at the Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil over the weekend while doctors continued to test for medical complaints including diabetes, kidney disease, spinal problems and respiratory failure.
To be honest her mum should be trailed for incompetence – how could she let that happen?

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