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The Clever Travel Companion

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The Clever Travel Companion

We at the Clever Travel Companion love to travel! We have been to many parts of the world, backpacking, going by train, bus, car and even on foot. We have been to Asia, riding the Tran Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing, driving through Mexico and across the US, inter railing in Europe, gone by bus from London to Cape Town, South Africa, worked in hotels in France and studied in Spain, just to mention a few of our trips. Most of the time we have felt and been perfectly safe. Most people, no matter where you go are friendly and helpful and wish you no harm.

However, sometimes there are dangers and there are thieves and pickpockets waiting for happy go lucky travelers with pockets full of cash. We have had our money stolen a few times and lost our passports too. We always thought that as seasoned travelers we knew what we were doing and would never get robbed. But for crafty pickpockets we were no match… Other times we had no one to blame but ourselves. Carelessness, tiredness or something or other simply led to stuff going missing: a passport disappeared somewhere between Malaga and Barcelona, a wallet went missing on the train to Paris and somewhere on a desert road in Africa is a Swedish drivers license laying, all by its sad self.

Getting a new passport out of Quito? How do you do that when your flight leaves in a few hours? All your cash is gone? Someone stole it? As well as your credit cards? How on earth do you explain that to the cab driver, who by the way speaks no English and you speak no Chinese, as you speed along the roads of remote Gueilling? If you find yourself somewhere off the beaten track, with no access to consulates or other helpful parties, losing your valuables is a major problem.

So, in order to make sure travelers always keep their most important documents and money safe, and enjoy a hassle free trip, we started The Clever Travel Companion. The Clever Travel Companion makes antitheft products that help travelers keep their belongings safe at all times and ensures a fun and safe trip, no matter where you go.

The Clever Travel Companion will be adding new products all through the year, so please check back. Of course you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We have a pair of the Clever Travel Companion underwear here: Size L and in Green (Male) – Want it? We will send it out to you. Let us know your Name and Email below, in the comment box. We will contact you for more details and then send it over.

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