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Actress Exploits Men To Eat At Fancy Restaurants

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Actress Exploits Men To Eat At Fancy Restaurants

Erin Wotherspoon, 23, an aspiring actress in Toronto has outed herself as a serial online dater who dates men just so they will pay dinner at fancy restaurants. Not only does she shamelessly use these men, but she openly admits it and even chronicles each of her dates on her blog.

As if that wasn’t bad enough she even has a hit-list of some of the nicest restaurants in the city where she wants to convince men to take her. Wotherspoon justifies her behaviour with the fact that she is broke and has expensive taste. To get enough dates Miss Wotherspoon has signed up for several dating sites, allowing her to search for her next possible meal ticket.

Most of the up-market restaurants she has or plans to visit have starting prices ranging from $32 to $72, prices she could never afford. The serial dater even says she doesn’t care who she dates –  as long as he pays for dinner.

Although she has been to countless dates she still has to meet Mr. Right, and she has yet to go on a second date with any of the men she has met.

I hope now that she has been all over the news people will recognise her and stay away from her. On the other side she isn’t forcing anyone to be with her or to pay for her dates. If some of the men out there are so shallow, it is really their own fault.

I still think this is all just a publicity stunt, allowing her to get her name out there and possibly giving her acting career a push in the right direction? Thoughts anyone? Image Source: Screenshot/Vimeo/Erin Wotherspoon

Restaurant Tips From a Serial Dater Teaser from Moist Films on Vimeo.

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