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The Spinchill Story

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The Spinchill Story

Ty Parker and Trevor Abbott began the Spin Chill adventure during the summer of 2013 in Gainesville, FL. Apart of The HackerHouse accelerator program, we traveled to Atlanta, GA for the AngelHack hackathon. Neither of us, both coming from Mechanical Engineering backgrounds, wanted to delve into coding or programming so we set out for WalMart to see what we could “hack” together.

We’ve run into the problem multiple times during our college career where we would be stuck with warm beers with only one way to cool them down, throw them in ice water and wait. Thus, we decided to use our knowledge of heat transfer and love of cold beers to create the first Spin Chill prototype.

The premise behind it was that by spinning the beer can in ice, it increases the rate of heat transfer significantly through convection. When we did the first run of the prototype at AngelHack we thought for sure that the beer would foam all over the place, but it would be cold. However, we were shocked to find that of the two beers we placed in the ice, one spinning and one stationary, that the stationary beer foamed more than the beer that was spun.

From then on we have been prototyping, developing and refining the designs as well as creating the next product. We started out creating The Chill Bit and are currently working on a self-contained device that won’t require a drill to use.

We have been enjoying traveling around, sharing our story and drinking cold beers with like minded people. We hope you enjoy and use the Spin Chill products as much as we have been.

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