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Hilarious Video Shows How Wife Loses Her Temper With Her Husband

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Hilarious Video Shows How Wife Loses Her Temper With Her Husband

If you are married and your wife ever reacts like this to a simple “no” – then quickly get divorced. A video has surfaced showing how a young woman loses her temper because her husband isn’t taking her to the lake. The woman can be seen kicking and screaming in the front seat of her husbands car after he decided not to take her to the lake on a hot Saturday.

Little is known about the couple only that their accents hint that they are from somewhere in the southern United States. In the video caption, Jim the husband, wrote that his 30-year-old wife became enraged when he ruled that they could not spend their Saturday on the nearby lake because he had to get his truck fixed.

The husband films the whole scene, while explaining, to his wife the reasons why they cannot spend the day on the water. Obviously the wife does not take his response very kindly and freaks out. The video went viral and has since been viewed by thousands of people world wide. According to Gawker, a gossip magazine, the husband has since divorced his wife and even filed a restraining order against her.

To be honest, it seems that his wife has some condition, she seems to behave like a 12-year-old child – the video is a must see and probably will make it in our top 5 videos this week. Image Source: Youtube/Screenshot/2013

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