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How one student Wiped Out $90,000 in Student Loans in 7 Months

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How one student Wiped Out $90,000 in Student Loans in 7 Months

What a Legend. Economists are increasingly worried that many young Americans will spend coming years buried under student debt. Joe Mihalic was determined not to be one of them. Faced with $90,000 in student debt from his days at Harvard Business School, Mihalic vowed last August to eliminate every penny by this summer. He did — three months early. The 29-year-old from Austin, Texas, is now becoming an Internet celebrity of sorts as financial advisers and young Americans link to his blog, NoMoreHarvardDebt.com, which had 180,000 hits as of Thursday morning.

His story is touching a nerve at a time when young Americans are more indebted than ever. So how did he cut through $90,000 in seven months? It helps to have a low-six-figure salary, as Mihalic does working for Dell Inc. But he also recommends getting roommates, a second job (in his case, landscaping), forgoing all restaurant dining (even McDonald’s), selling all unnecessary items around the house — and getting a flask –

I actually know a guy like that! He is Mexican !(Image Copyright: Joe Mihalic)

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