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Social Media Strategist – Flexible – Work from home

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PartYcipate aims to raise awareness about socioeconomic and healthcare issues affecting society today. We aim to do this through fun events, entertainment and various social programs.

PartYcipate is looking for a social media strategist to help grow our social media presence and enable us to make more of a social impact and grow our organization. The desired candidate should have strong writing and verbal communication skills as well as interest in the NGO sector. We also seek a candidate who is knowledgeable about growing presence on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

Duties include
*Keeping the partYcipate blog up to date
*Maintaining Twitter and Facebook page with relevant insights and articles
*Growing social media following through networking

Interested candidates should please apply a CV and brief paragraph introducing themselves.



Preferably a student studying towards a graduate degree. This will be a flexible internship but we aim to challenge the intern to expose them to this dynamic industry. We are also looking for a true team player who has a passion to serve society and make an impact through events.

*Excellent writing skills
*Strong research skills
*Friendly and highly creative
*Passionate about making a difference in the world

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Social Media Strategist – Flexible – Work from home

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