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Tour Guide Wrestles 10ft Python In Florida Everglades

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Tour Guide Wrestles 10ft Python In Florida Everglades

I guess the tourists got more than they paid for, when tour guide Tommy Owens wrestled with a 10ft Python while guiding them through the Everglades. Tommy, who works for a private eco-excursions company, guides tourists through the Everglades. While showing around a family Owens caught a Python, which he intended to show to the family.

Unfortunately for the tour guide this specific Python was 10 ft in size and he can be seen struggling with the snake as it wraps itself around his arm and squeezes, before his partner, Warren Wortman, cut its head off.

The shocked family watched and caught the struggle all on camera – something they won’t forget for a while.  The species aren’t native to the area, but there are now an estimated 150,000 of them in the Everglades and the authorities see them as a threat to native wildlife, eating and endaring local species.

The population of huge pythons has recently increased massively, due to  former owners releasing their pets into the wild when they become too big. Image Source: WPBF 25/YouTube

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