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Size Matters – The Modern Industry Backpack

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Size Matters – The Modern Industry Backpack

We’re a group of creative individuals connected by the belief that together we can make life a little bit better, for all of us. United by a common culture, we are working to give something back to the experiences, people, and places that have shaped who we are. To start, we believe that secret identities are a good idea for superheroes, but not for companies. So we’re making an effort to pull back the curtain to be completely open about what’s being made, how it was developed, and who the hell is making it.

Often, creativity and design are treated as luxuries, relegated to doing the bidding of marketing and engineering. We think design and creativity are the true creators of value in contemporary culture and will only become more important as resources diminish and technological innovation accelerates. We believe so strongly in the power of creativity that we place it at the nucleus of Modern Industry.

As designers we are motivated by the faults we find in the objects, experiences, and world around us. It is in these faults that we are able to find opportunity for evolution, innovation, and change. Through this spirit of discontent that the Modern Industry was born.

We wanted products that spoke to who we are without sacrificing our personal beliefs. That meant developing products that would allow you to be comfortable on a board or in a boardroom. To do so, we carefully balanced performance features with flexibility in order to create the kind of discrete differentiation that we look for.

Our beliefs guide us to source ethically produced American materials and partner with American manufacturers. Using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques we will produce heirloom quality goods that add value to the lives of our users.

We’re taking the first step by launching three products that are the result of intensive research, careful consideration, and prototyping until our fingers… and ears… bled. Our core product line is anchored by a large backpack designed to meet the extreme urban carrying needs. Our Sling Pack is a multifunctional product that redefines an existing category by introducing a professional appeal. Finally, our front pocket wallet strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and functionality.

We want to change the way you think about business,
& we’re going to start by improving the things you carry. Visit our website here

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