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Student Holiday Savings

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Student Holiday Savings

If you have no money but want to escape the snow you need to tap your savings… (it’s almost always worth it…)

When I see a beach like that I just want to travel somewhere! I want to escape the harsh European winter and go to some warm country and waste my time on the beach. But then again who doesn’t? This year I was actually lucky enough to be able to make a small holiday trip to Portugal where I was staying with relatives. It was a great trip, it was very relaxing and full of light and sunshine. I spent a great time walking the long sandy beaches with the cliffs the Algarve is most famous for. Least did I think of my financial worries.

I was busy enjoying the sun and forgetting my stressful daily campus routine. Going on holiday meant I left all my problems at home and escaped into the south for some carefree days to regain energy. However, I like so many other students struggle with money in everyday life yet alone am able to afford a vacation.

For my Portugal trip I was just lucky that I could stay with relatives that made travelling a bit cheaper. However, I did have to use some of my savings. But looking at that picture and reminiscing I have to say: it was definitely worth it! I can start rebuilding my savings tomorrow….

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