Burger King Dumps Millions Of Burgers In Horsemeat Alert

Although Burger King is insisting it was not affected by the “Horsegate” scandal it is now dumping millions of beefburgers. Restaurant managers across the UK have been advised to box up Whoppers, Angus burgers and patties in a safe area and not sell them to costumers - until different burgers from a new supplier came in.

Dishcloths, tongs, pans and sinks used by staff must now be “cleaned and sanitized”. Burger King was one of many suppliers who bought burgers from Silvercrest – the Irish meat processor at the centre of the Horseburger scare.

Managers are ordered to tell customers who are worried about possible horse meat that BK was taking all the “necessary precautions” to ensure quality. The withdrawal covers BK restaurants the UK, Ireland AND Denmark. This might be a little too late for many of the million of customers that consume BK burgers everyday.

Then again horse meat consumption is considered as normal in many countries. Just look at the Great War – the majority of soldiers on both sides of the trenches ate horse meat when ever possible – due to the simple fact that nothing else had been available.