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BUMU Team Members

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BUMU Team Members

Bumu’s objective is to research and develop a process for making a highly nutritious supplement out of insects to sell to international aid organizations like World Food Project and USAID. MiddSTART funding will help Bumu achieve its goal by providing not only an initial space for us to spread the word about our project, but also allow us to purchase breeding supplies to maintain a steady inflow of crickets to continuously explore their various food applications.

Once we meet 75% of breeding capacity we will harvest at a lower rate for four (4) weeks until the Cricket population is up to its sustainable maximum. During these four (4) weeks, the vitamin properties of different basic forms of insect supplement will be tested by nutritionists to help us better understand how to preserve the high nutritional value. Once the highest value is determined, the MiddSTART funding will be allocated towards researching different methods of processing and manipulating the product into a palatable supplement.

My experience in MiddCORE this past J-Term has motivated me to pursue projects that I believe in. I have a passion for efficiency and Bumu strives to provide a protein source that is not only better for the environment than beef chicken and pork, but one that also allows for efficient resource allocation globally through the use of bugs. Furthermore, Bumu has the potential to empower people in developing nations to work towards making insects a primary food source.

The MiddSTART funding will be used to keep cricket farming operational over the summer, and allow for further product development.

For more info visit their Facebook Page.

The Bumu team:  Sebastian Schell (Left), Alex Bea (Center), and Max Bacharach (Right).

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