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Graduate Builds His Parrot A Beak-Controlled Car (Video)

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Graduate Builds His Parrot A Beak-Controlled Car (Video)

Andrew Gray, 29, a recent computer engineering graduate from Florida grew tired of his parrot’s constant squeeks for attention. After trying different solutions such as a a sound activated water gun and a remote controlled drum, Gray came up with the beak-operated car. The water gun had failed and Pepper the parrot  - would start making noise just to get sprayed- according to Mr Gray. The remote controlled drum failed to interest/entertain Pepper at all.

While on leave from the Navy Mr Gray finally became so fed up from the constant noise made by family pet Pepper, he built the Bird Buggy. The Bird Buggy has an infra-red camera as well as bumper sensors so Pepper can safely steer around the house without crashing into walls.

Now Pepper is able to drive, forwards, backwards, left and right – most important he seems to enjoy his new toy. A video of Pepper and his ride  has become a YouTube favourite with 800,000 views in just over a month. Mr Gray hopes that the publicity of his invention may lead him to a job. Have a look at the video below:  Image Source: Youtube


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